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Monday, 10 April 2017

What was the actual GNR "The Spaghetti Incident?"?

What's the meaning of GNR's The Spaghetti Incident album?

What's the meaning of GNR's The Spaghetti Incident album?

This site is called The Spaghetti Incident? after the Guns N Roses punk song cover album of the same name. 

It was the fourth and last studio album* of what was known as the most dangerous band in Rock And Roll. 

 If you have read Slash's biography you'll know just how true that was! The album made it as high as number 4 on the American Billboard 200.

The Spaghetti Incident?

Here's the Rolling Stone review of the Spaghetti Incident? It's a fairly fair assessment. More recently GNR and Axl have announced that Chinese Democracy will be released on November 23 2008.

 Dr Pepper is not happy.

So what was the Spaghetti Incident? What were the events around it?

Good old Wikipedia suggests that the meaning of the The Spaghetti Incident?was explained by then GNR drummer Matt Sorum.

The title is a reference to a food-fight between Axl Rose and Steven Adler (former original drummer), involving spaghetti.

Adler was fired from GNR supposedly for his drug habit making him unable to play drums. Adler's took a lawsuit against GNR during which time Adler's attorney referred to the food fight as "the Spaghetti Incident".

It is suggested that the attorney's choice of name for the incident was a reference to the David Bowie movie, The Linguini Incident.

A source of amusement for the remaining GNR members it was chosen as the title for the album with the addition of a "?" to perhaps ask the question,"Really Steven?".

Another story I heard was that Spaghetti was code for Herion.

The band once hid Adler's Spaghetti which sparked a huge hissy fit which ultimately become known as a Spaghetti Incident?

Not sure of the veracity of this story as Slash's biography suggests Addler used the phrase Peanut butter as he kept his stash in the butter in the fridge.

Motely Crue also have a Spaghetti Incident story of their own. As you would expect about girls girls girls.

The book ‘Rock Star Babylon’ suggests that the Crue's Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx held a contest between themselves to see who could go the longest without washing, showering or bathing in any way, yet still be able to sleep with groupies without them being ill or bailing out.”

The story goes they went around for two months whilst their personal hygiene all while having sex as many woman as they both could.

The Spaghetti Incident was so named when a lucky groupie gave Nikki Sixx fellatio and vomited her dinner of spaghetti all over his junk. Yum huh? Who knows how true this was?!

*Yeah we know Chinese Democracy is out but let's face it, it's an Axl solo album!

Katy Perry: Before and After the Airbrushing

Photoshoped images. Airbrushed photos.It happens to the best of us, we do a bit of modeling there, a cover story for People Magazine there and they air brush out our freckles, flabby bits and huckery moles.

But what about those celebrities? They need all the help they can get right? The term the beautiful people was meant to be ironic right? People like Katy Perry need all the help she can get right? After all, she's as as ugly as dirt right?

Well apparently Rolling Stone Magazine thought so for their cover shoot of Katy. Here's an airbrushed image of Katy Perry that's doing the rounds on twitter which shows a before the airbrushing and afterwards.

The differences between ugly Katy and pretty Perry are amusing...

Katy- Perry - Before- After - Airbrushing

Before and After: The Air Brushing of Katy Pretty 

It's amusing to see how Rolling Stone made Katy's boobs bigger, totally rearranged her fingers, removed that mole thingy on her chest and made her other wise sexy tummy even trimmer.

She's a dish!

No wonder Russell Brand snapped her up!

In fact rumour has it, he only proposed to Katy after this copy of Rolling Stone turned up in his mailbox.

Truth is, sex sells and Rolling Stone knows it.

Even the makers of Halo know it. I'm sure Katy knows it herself.

It's no biggy, the question is really, does Katy need airbrushing?

There are some things you can't photoshop or air brush out however. Live action shots!

Here's Katy getting slimed! Either that or she just had sex with Shrek.


Do you like Star Wars quotes?

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One of them accounts for one of the most famous movie twist of all time, "No, I'm your father!" other's like, "I've got a bad feeling about this" serves to lend a long air of continuity across all the films.

Here's a sweet collection of pages that will lead you to the quotes and lines of some of the most popular characters from the franchise such as Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi to the new characters such as Jyn Erso and Captain Phasma.

Here's quotes from the 'Big Five' characters of Star Wars.
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