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Monday, 11 April 2016

The Gunners are back!

The Gunners are back and so are we. On 1 April 2016, Slash and Axl shared a cup of cool-aid, buried the hatchet public ally and with some old school and new school members of GNR, they bashed out a set at the famous Troubadour venue.

Playing a selection of classic GNR cuts, a sweet cover from The Spaghetti Incident and two songs from Chinese Democracy, GNR announced to the world they aren't finished just quite yet.

The gig was the first in what has been billed, the 'Not in this lifetime' tour. Featuring Axl, Slash and and Duff, there was a notable absence of Izzy Stardlin. While he has performed with Axl several times over the last 15 years, he's under er.. no illusions as to the potential chemistry that's been unbottled so he's decided to stay away. For now?

GNR Troubadour Set List, 1 April 2016

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone

Chinese Democracy

Welcome to the Jungle

Double Talkin' Jive

Live and Let Die (Wings cover)

Rocket Queen

You Could Be Mine

Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from The Godfather)

Sweet Child O' Mine

New Rose (The Damned cover)


Knockin' on Heaven's Door(Bob Dylan cover)

My Michelle



The Seeker (The Who cover)

Paradise City

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