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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Living End Set List BDO Auckland 2012

The Living End Set List BDO Auckland 2012

Jan 20th

Being one of the true veteran bands of the BDO, The Living End delivered a hit fulled set list including a nice nod to Nirvana (having played the original Big Day Out) by playing a sweet cover version of Breed with Jon Toogood from Shihad (but actually playing with The Adults) sharing sing duties with Chris Cheney - it was a classic BDO moment.

The Wife and I were amused to come across Living End's bassist the night before on the Streets of Auckland - he seemed to have had a good day...

Set List

Song For The Lonely

Second Solution

Roll On

Machine Gun

Who's Gonna Save Us?

Prisoner Of Society

How Do We Know


White Noise

West End Riot

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