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Sunday, 22 January 2012

JJ Reviews the Final Big Day Out

Gin Wigmore 
JJ Reviews the Final Big Day Out

Auckland 20 January, Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland, NZ

Well, the 2012 BDO turned out to be the final Auckland one as the economics of the event were no longer there. The immediate response to that was book better bands.....

This year the BDO organisers changed things up by reducing the main stages to only one with a second, smaller stage for 'in between' acts. This was an epic fail and totally ruined the feel and vibe of the event when compared to past years. Living End aside, there were no truly quality bands until  Kasabian, Soundgarden and Noel Gallagher made their mark on the day. This is not to say other bands like Cage the Elephant weren't great, it was more of where's the bands like New Order, Placebo, Rage Against the Machine, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails also on the set to support Soundgarden on the mainstage??

Here's my thoughts on the bands I saw:

  •  Soundgarden - loved them - they played a greatest hits package with a few less well known songs. Kym got all the right notes, Cornell was in fine form, that drummer from Pearl Jam was stonkin' and the bass was heavy as a rock to your head.
  • Kasabian - never listened to their music before but they sounded like they were the business. The crowd loved them and they had a sweet sound. 
  • Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Noel was the reason why I went to BDO and I went home a happy man. He played a good mix of Oasis and solo songs in his set but the inclusion of three b-sides was enough to make this fan die happy.
  • My Chemical Romance - I love these little fuckers (despite their emo tag) it was a real shame they had terrible sound. The Black Parade was a real highlight. 
  • Cage The Elephant - nice, fiesty band from Kentucky. Played their guts out - sounds like they had some tunes I'd better check out!
  • Gin Wigmore - she's got the sass and the tunes to back it up. Like MCR she suffered a terrible sound mix. Her cover of The Animal's House of the Rising Sun was a most bizzare thing but it kind of worked, and at the least was a performance that will stick out in the memory.
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra - saw one song and they were shit. The Mint Chicks should never have broken up.
  • Battles - Saw two songs, they had a damn good groove going on. 
  • Cut Off Your Hands - who the fuck booked this band?
  • Mariachi El Bronx - who the fuck booked a Mariachi band? Completely the wrong music for a main stage BDO band but the lead singer was entertaining and the music sound good. 
  • Beastwars - utter fucking rubbish. Not mainstage material. The front man must have taken too many drugs in his youth. You'd have been better off getting a locally popular covers band.
  • The Living End - I love this band so was pleased they played a few classic hits. Good energy all round and they did a cover of Nirvana's Breed with Jon Toogood (from Shihad) - an absolute classic BDO moment, one I'll never forget. 
  • Tony Hawk Skate Jam Show - Tony and his boarders got some great air time and actually had a big audience than Midnight Youth which is not thattttt surprising.
  • I Am Giant - we got filmed for their video they were doing but didn't appear to make the cut. Sad face! Never heard them before but they played some good songs at the end of their set after a same same start. Lead Singer seemed have what it takes to be a good show man - they suffered from being on shitty smaller main stage.
  • Cavalera Conspiracy - I don't care if these were the boys from Sepultura, this kind of music sucks.
  • Regurgitator - I like their old stuff better than their new stuff but these guys were pretty shit live. They sound nothing like their recorded music - playing rap songs about licking assholes has it's place but when you have bigger hits and you're not playing them, you've missed the point of Big Day Out. 
  • Parkway Drive - music was a similar style to Cavalera Conspiracy but was was impressed that they were a pretty tight unit. 
  • Midnight Youth - I thought this band was over-rated before I heard them and nothing changed for me. Lead singer seems like a real dick. 
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