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Sunday, 6 February 2011

John Mellencamp Set List Lowell, Massachusetts

John Mellencamp Lowell, Massachusetts Set List 

John Mellencamp began a 33 leg tour of the United States in Lowell, Massachusetts with a set list full of re worked classics and songs from long ago. Mellencamp said to Rolling Stone, "If you're coming to hear the greatest hits, don't even come!" Tired of playing all the crowd pleasers, he's focusing on playing what he wants to play. The show starts with the old cougar playing some stripped back solo versions of his songs before the band joins for the last half of the set - it did a include a few classics though!

Instead of a warm up act, Mellencamp screenings a documentary called "It's About You" which was filmed touring on the road during his tour with Bob Dylan in 2009.

Mellencamp Set List:

Authority Song
No One Cares About Me
Death Letter
John Cockers
Walk Tall
West End
Check it Out
Save Some time to Dream
Cherry Bomb
Don’t Need This Body
Right Behind Me
Jackie Brown
Longest Days
Easter Eve
Jack and Diane
Small Town
Paper in Fire
The Real Life
What If I came Knocking
If I Die Sudden
No Better Than This
Pink Houses
Rock In The USA
She's So Tough

I think you'd agree this is a very different set list from Mellencamp's 2008 tour!

If you are just getting into Mellencamp, I reckon his Greatest Hits album is a good place to start.

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