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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lady Gaga basically gets her kit out at Lollapalooza, may have played a show

Did I forget to wear a bra today?
Here's a gratuitous boob shot of Lady Gaga doing her best to tramp it up at Lollapoooza 2010. Is that dude trying to lick her breast? Ah, perils of stage diving....

 Gaga was hanging around the performance of Semi Precious Weapons for these pictures!

Maybe Gaga was just Born this Way
So that's what Lady Gaga's ass feels like? More groping from the pit.

Gaga lollapalooza breasts nip slip

Can I play your drum kit while you stare at my breasts?

And what did she wear for her own performance? Something more....spotted.

Lady Gaga performing at lollapooza

Extra for Experts: Check out the lyrics to Gaga's Princess Die

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