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Monday, 16 August 2010

Blue Oyster Cult Set List California

Blue Oyster Cult Set List California

BOC played a free show at Warner Park in Woodland Hills, CA on August 15th, 2010
Free show at Warner Park.

Before you read the pretty predicable set list, check out this awesome part of a review:

"7,000 people attended the Blue Oyster Cult concert. Most of the people were cool, but there was of course that one inbred moron with several teeth missing who demanded that people in front stop dancing during "Godzilla." He threatened a couple of people, who refused to comply with his ridiculous demands such as playing more cowbell, but fortunately a friend of his was wise enough to pull him away before he did something stupid. It's a shame these people are let out of their cages, but this guy didn't really dampen the spirit of the audience." Bless.

Blue Oyster Cult Set List:

01. The Red And The Black
02. Before The Kiss, A Redcap
03. Burnin' For You
04. Shooting Shark
05. Buck's Boogie
06. Cities On Flame With Rock N Roll
07. Then Came The Last Days Of May
08. Godzilla
09. Don't Fear The Reaper

Set encore:

10. Hot Rails To Hell

So, hey.. Jimmy Jangles, what's with the stupid picture of Will Ferrel banging a cow bell?

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