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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Halo News

As the release date for Halo: Reach draws closer and closer more and more more information and news is getting released to build excitement and get the fans wet with glee. The biggest thing for me this week was the release of a short campaign trailer The Battle Begins. It was a great insight into how epic in scale Reach might be - remember how Halo 3 was touted as a huge space battle in which to Finish the Fight? Reach might actually be that game.

Of course to play Reach you might want to play it on the 250 gig Xbox Reach Console which has been made specifically as a game tie in. Controllers and the like can be found on the ultimate Buy Halo Reach page - all goods are bought through Amazon so you know it's safe online trading!

Comic Con came and went and we got to see all kinds of awesome Halo cosplay - there was a sweet panel with Bungie staffers that showed of Versus mode in Firefight. Forgeworld was unveiled and the map is just insanely massive is scope - it's almost most a limitless platform for making custom halo maps and game types.

I also found some images of new maps, including Reflection.

And finally Frankie appears to have confirmed that the Master Chief will be back, just not in Reach......oh something else important happend too... Reach's gamer points list was released!

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