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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Courteeners Set List Glastonbury 2010

Courteeners Set List Glastonbury 2010

"You've got great taste,Glastonbury," declared Liam Fray as the band's set reached its climax, adding later. "I want to say thank you to every person in this field for coming to see us, I really mean that."

The Courteeners played the following glasto set list:

'The Good Times Are Calling'
'Will It Be This Way Forever'
'Please Don't'
'The Opener'
'Cross My Heart And Hope To Fly'
'Bide Your Time'
'Fallowfield Hillbilly'
'Take Over The World'
'You Overdid It Doll'
'Not Nineteen Forever'
'What Took You So Long?'

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