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Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Black Keys Set List at The Pageant, St. Louis

The Black Keys Concert Set List at The Pageant, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

June 10, 2010

The Reviewer of the Black Keys gig noted "The band played in front of a backdrop emblazoned with two hands clasping in the middle of an automobile tire, a nod to both the title of the latest record and to Akron's role as "the rubber capital of the world." Even the drum and keyboard risers were lined with oversized tire treads. For the first part of the set, Auerbach and Carney played as a duo. The set opened with the pair ripping through the Zeppelin-y rock of "Thickfreakness."
Auerbach's technique, part slide blues and part classic rock, really is something to see. He's able to hold down the low end, usually with the constant pluck of an open string, while filling in the rest of the blanks. A song such as "The Breaks" exemplified his technique: It rode a seesaw of bottom-heavy fuzz and high, shrieking notes. Carney, on the other hand, looks every bit the self-taught drummer even after all these years. He attacked his gold-sparkle kit with such vigor and intuition that it wasn't clear if he was directing traffic or riding the waves of Auerbach's guitar. It was probably both."

The Black Keys set list:

1. "Thickfreakness"
2. "Girl is on My Mind"
3. "10 a.m. Automatic"
4. "The Breaks"
5. "Stack Shot Billy"
6. "If You See Me"
7. "Everywhere I Go"
8. "Strange Times"
9. "Same Old Thing"
10. "Tighten Up"
11. "Next Girl"
12. "I'm Not the One"
13. "Howlin' for You"
14. "Sinister Kid"
15. "She's Long Gone"
16. "Ten Cent Pistol"
17. "Your Touch"
18. "I'll Be Your Man"
19. ?
20. "I Got Mine"

The Black Keys Set Encore

21. "Everlasting Light"
22. "Till I Get My Way"



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