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Thursday, 27 May 2010

U2 back to NZ?

Barely 24 hours after U2 postponed its North American tour this year due to Bono's bad back, rumors are already circulating about the band's plans for 2011.

"@U2/U2tours.com has apparently been tipped by a reliable source that Live Nation has already begun making calls to reschedule this year's postponed concert dates in North America. Not only that, but they're also making calls to cities/venues that were not on this year's schedule."

U2Chile.net is also reporting that Live Nation has contacted concert promoters on several continents and has blocked out the following as a possible itinerary:

Early February: Japan and South Korea (Asia)
Late February: Australia and New Zealand (Oceania)
March: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru (South America)
April-May: Mexico, USA, Canada (North America)

The Spaghetti Incident got its hopes up last time this was rumoured that U2 were coming back to New Zealand ..... so we won't get toooooo excited this time round!

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