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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Norah Jones Concert Set List Texas

Norah Jones Concert Set List El Paso, Texas

Ms Jones played her set at the Plaza Theater on 29 April 2010

Norah Jones Set List

1. Tell Yer Mama

2. Light as a Feather

3. Chasing Pirates

4. Even Though

5. Young Blood

6. It's Gonna Be

7. Rosie's Lullaby

8. Long Way Home (Tom Waits cover)

9. Sunrise

10. Waiting

11. Sinkin' Soon

12. Back to Manhattan

13. You've Ruined Me

14. Barstool Blues

15. Man of the Hour

16. Don't Know Why

17. Stuck

18. Lonestar

Jones set encore:

19. How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart? (Hank Williams lyric, Norah Jones music)

20. Come Away With Me

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