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Monday, 19 April 2010

Meat Loaf's Hang Cool Teddy Bear

You know how Meat Loaf's last album Bat Out of Hell III was kind of rancid in parts? I mean who the fuck in their right minds covers a Celine Dion song? Even if it was written by Jim Steinman? Well forget that, Meat Loaf bats Hang Cool Teddy Bear out of the park. It's a triumph of an original idea as a concept, a new found enthusiasm of his band mates and a sweet job on production by Greenday's noted producer Rob Cavello.

Meat Loaf's new album is just totally pure rock for the sake of rock. With a sly take on what the future might be for a dying soldier. It's a concept album for the sake of telling a few good yarns. I'm wary that American Idol's Kara DioGuardi makes a cameo, but a song with lyrics by Jon Bon Jovi? Steve Vai and Brian May rocking it out? Fuck me, it's on replay. Patti Russo wants to fall in love with me? Hell, I'm buying two copies.

Some of the songs rock out, like California isn't big enough is chock full of guitars and Los Angeloser is a catchy acoustic guitar driven number, quite unlike any lead single Meal Loaf has let loose on a us before.

Fans of Meat Loaf should go buy Hang Cool Teddy Bear right now, the rest of you download it for a listen, then go buy it to assuage your guilt at stealing something so good!

Lyrically, the story is based on a short story about a dying soldier's visions of what his future might be but if he's seeing his future, is he really dead or dying?

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