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Monday, 19 April 2010

Soundgarden Set List Reunited Seatle Gig

Soundgarden reunited set list 2010

The freshly reunited SOUNDGARDEN performed its first show since 1997 on Friday, April 16 2010 under the name NUDEDRAGONS (anagram of SOUNDGARDEN)

Venue was the 'Showbox at the Market' in Soundgarden's Seattle hometown.

Soundgarden Set List

01. Spoonman

02. Gun

03. Searching With My Good Eye Closed

04. Rusty Cage

05. Beyond The Wheel

06. Flower

07. Ugly Truth

08. Fell On Black Days

09. Hunted Down

10. Nothing To Say

11. Loud Love

12. Blow Up The Outside World

13. Pretty Noose

14. Outshined

15. Slaves And Bulldozers

Soundgarden Set List encore:

16. Get On The Snake

17. Big Dumb Sex

18. Waiting For The Sun (THE DOORS cover)

Check out the lyrics to the song Chris Cornell did with Slash, Promise.

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