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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Flaming Lips Set List Kansas City

The Flaming Lips Set List Kansas 2010

24th April 2010

Flaming Lips played a gig in Kansas City at the Soundstone Theatre. 

Set List

The Fear
Worm Mountain
Silver Trembling Hands
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
In The Morning Of The Magicians
She Don't Use Jelly (Acoustic)
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt. 1(Acoustic)
I Can Be a Frog (Acoustic)
See The Leaves
Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung
The W.A.N.D.
Convinced Of The Hex

Lips Encore 1:
Brain Damage

Lips Encore 2:
Do You Realize

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pavement Coachella Festival Set List 2010

Pavement Coachella Festival Set List 2010

Pavement set list:

“Silence Kid”

“In the Mouth a Desert”



“Father to a Sister of Thought”

“Two States”

“Shady Lane”

“Gold Soundz”



“Date With Ikea”

“Fight This Generation”

“Range Life”

“Trigger Cut”

“Starlings of the Slipstream”

“Summer Babe (Winter Version)”


“Cut Your Hair”

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Meat Loaf's Hang Cool Teddy Bear

You know how Meat Loaf's last album Bat Out of Hell III was kind of rancid in parts? I mean who the fuck in their right minds covers a Celine Dion song? Even if it was written by Jim Steinman? Well forget that, Meat Loaf bats Hang Cool Teddy Bear out of the park. It's a triumph of an original idea as a concept, a new found enthusiasm of his band mates and a sweet job on production by Greenday's noted producer Rob Cavello.

Meat Loaf's new album is just totally pure rock for the sake of rock. With a sly take on what the future might be for a dying soldier. It's a concept album for the sake of telling a few good yarns. I'm wary that American Idol's Kara DioGuardi makes a cameo, but a song with lyrics by Jon Bon Jovi? Steve Vai and Brian May rocking it out? Fuck me, it's on replay. Patti Russo wants to fall in love with me? Hell, I'm buying two copies.

Some of the songs rock out, like California isn't big enough is chock full of guitars and Los Angeloser is a catchy acoustic guitar driven number, quite unlike any lead single Meal Loaf has let loose on a us before.

Fans of Meat Loaf should go buy Hang Cool Teddy Bear right now, the rest of you download it for a listen, then go buy it to assuage your guilt at stealing something so good!

Lyrically, the story is based on a short story about a dying soldier's visions of what his future might be but if he's seeing his future, is he really dead or dying?

Daughtry Leave This Town tour set list

Daughtry Leave This Town tour set list

The coolest and most baldest guy ever to grace the American Idol stage is touring again - Daughtry.

April 3 Indianapolis, 2010

You Don't Belong
Everytime You Turn Around
What I Want
No Surprise
Life After You
It's Not Over
In The Air Tonight
Over You
Feels Like Tonight
There And Back Again

Have Fun


Upcoming Tour Dates:

Apr 20 2010 Broomfield, CO 1STBANK Center
Apr 22 2010 West Valley City, UT The E Center
Apr 23 2010 Nampa, ID Idaho Center
Apr 24 2010 Reno, NV Reno Events Center
Apr 26 2010 Fresno, CA SaveMart Center
Apr 28 2010 Glendale, AZ jobing.com Arena
Apr 29 2010 Las Vegas, NV Orleans Arena
May 1 2010 San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena

Jay Z's Coachella Set List 2010

Jay Z's Coachella Set List 2010

"Run This Town"


"Diamonds From Sierra Leone"

"My Name is Hov"

"On to the Next One"

"DOA (Death of Auto-Tune)"

"99 Problems"

"Is That Yo Bitch?"

"Can I Get a…"

"Beware of the Boys"

"I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me)"

"I Wanna Rock"

Medly: "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)", "Jigga What, Jigga Who," "Jockin’ Jay-Z"


"A Dream"

"Empire State of Mind"

"Already Home"

"Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)"

"Dirt Off Your Shoulder"

"Hovi Baby"

"Show Me What You Got"

"Thank You"



"Money Ain’t a Thing"


"Big Pimpin’"

"Hard Knock Life"

"Young Forever"

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Muse Coachella Set List 2010

Muse Coachella Set List 2010

Muse headlined the second night at the Coachella Festival and handled it with much aplomb and bombast - even ripping out a bit of a snippet of Nirvana's School and Hendrix styled Star Spangled Banner.

Set List


Supermassive Black Hole

New Born


Star Spangled Banner


United States of Eurasia

Feeling Good

Undisclosed Desires


Unnatural Selection

Time Is Running Out

Plug In Baby

Muse Set Encore

Stockholm Syndrome

Knights of Cydonia

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Soundgarden Set List Reunited Seatle Gig

Soundgarden reunited set list 2010

The freshly reunited SOUNDGARDEN performed its first show since 1997 on Friday, April 16 2010 under the name NUDEDRAGONS (anagram of SOUNDGARDEN)

Venue was the 'Showbox at the Market' in Soundgarden's Seattle hometown.

Soundgarden Set List

01. Spoonman

02. Gun

03. Searching With My Good Eye Closed

04. Rusty Cage

05. Beyond The Wheel

06. Flower

07. Ugly Truth

08. Fell On Black Days

09. Hunted Down

10. Nothing To Say

11. Loud Love

12. Blow Up The Outside World

13. Pretty Noose

14. Outshined

15. Slaves And Bulldozers

Soundgarden Set List encore:

16. Get On The Snake

17. Big Dumb Sex

18. Waiting For The Sun (THE DOORS cover)

Check out the lyrics to the song Chris Cornell did with Slash, Promise.

Want more? How about the Dead Weather's Coachella Set List?

Wellington Set List


The Dead Weather Coachella Set List

The Dead Weather Coachella Set List

2010 Coachella Festival

Dead Weather Set List

Forever My Queen

60 Feet Tall

Hang You from the Heavens

You Just Can’t Win

So Far from Your Weapon

I Cut Like a Buffalo

No Horse

Blue Bood Blues


Hustle and Cuss

Die by the Drop

Will There Be Enough Water?

New Pony

Treat Me Like Your Mother
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Faith No More Coachella Set List 2010

Faith No More Coachella set List 2010

FNM Day 1 Coachella Festival

Set List


From out of Nowhere


We Care a Lot

Last Cup of Sorrow


Surprise You’re Dead

Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Midlife Crisis


Ashes to Ashes

Just a Man

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mark Knopfler Set List Get Lucky Tour

Mark Knopfler Set List Get Lucky Tour

Mark Knopfler - Get Lucky (Guitar Recorded Version)Venue: Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, USA 

When: April 8, 2010

Why:  For the Get Lucky Tour to promote the new album.

Mr Dire Straits is touring a new album, Get Lucky. It's his sixth solo album since he broke up Dire Straits

Knopfler Set List:

Border Reiver
What It Is
Sailing To Philadelphia
Cleaning My Gun
Hill Farmer's Blues
Romeo & Juliet
Sultans Of Swing
Prairie Wedding
Remembrance Day
Speedway At Nazareth
Telegraph Road

Knopfler Set Encore:

Brothers In Arms
Our Shangri-La
Going Home: Theme from Local Hero
Piper to the End 

Do you think Knopfler looks a little like Frank Black of the Pixies?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

"Liberalism is a mental disorder" – Sarah Palin

"Liberalism is a mental disorder" – Sarah Palin

Here's Scott Weiland's response to the lady who would be president:

LIBERALISAM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!!?? I’d like to see any Doctor or therapist identify it is as such. Sarah Palin’s only attraction is that of perverts and comedians though, she is sort of cute in her leather heavy metal jacket. Oh, wait, maybe she can get a gig on the Salahi reality show. She says ‘government that governs less governs best,’ but what about the Bush’s – so many partners with the gun slingers from Texas mentally seduced and bled the lines of the constitution. One example: Rove.

This ‘Tea Party’ has nothing to do with the original Tea Party in 1773. That was a rebellion against King George and his sovereignty…or, alleged sovereignty over our country which we had formed over basic, normal, hardworking and spiritual values; Never to put in the place the idea of church and state becoming one. We are becoming closer to this than ever before.

Barack Obama is an amazing President. He is smart and has tackled more issues in one year than our former President did in his entire term because he was only focused on the war (AKA ‘weapons of mass destruction’). I don’t want to give the impression that I am anti- military though. I have the utmost respect for those that give their lives, time and hearts to protect our country both here at home and abroad.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

STP Set list from the Fillmore in Detroit, MI

STP Set list from the Fillmore in Detroit, MI

1 April 2010

Continuing the tour to promote their new self titled album, the Stone Temple Pilots sobered up enough to play the following set list at The Fillmore.

Vasoline; Crackerman; Wicked Garden; Hollywood Bitch; Between the Lines; Hickory Dichotomy; Big Empty; Sour Girl; Creep; Plush; Interstate Love Song; Bagman; Huckleberry Crumble; Sex Type Thing; Dead and Bloated; Lounge Fly; Piece Of Pie; Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart.


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Macca Set List Phoenix 2010

March 2010
Paul McCartney's Up and Coming tour started last Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona, then went to The Hollywood Bowl, LA for two nights. It first leg of the tour concludes  in Puerto Rico.
Show was a good mix of Beatles classics, Wings and solo material.
Here’s the 35 song set-list for McCartney's concert:
1 Venus and Mars /Rockshow18 Eleanor Rigby
2 Jet19 Something
3 All My Loving20 Letting Go
4 Got to Get You Into My Life21 Sing the Changes
5 Highway22 Band on the Run
6 Let Me Roll It / Foxy Lady23 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
7 Long and Winding Road24 Back in the U-S-S-R
8 Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five25 I’ve Got a Feeling
9 I Want to Come Home26 Paperback Writer
10 My Love27 A Day In the Life/Give Peace a Chance
11 I’m Looking Through You28 Live and Let Die
12 Every Night29 Hey Jude
13 Two of Us30 Day Tripper
14 Blackbird31 Lady Madonna
15 Here Today32 Get Back
16 Dance Tonight33 Yesterday
17 Mrs. Vanderbilt34 Helter Skelter
35 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End


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