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Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Pixies Review Auckland, New Zealand

The Pixies Review Auckland, New Zealand

The Pixies Review Auckland, New Zealand

Two Nights !

Powerstation, Auckland March 11 (Smaller 1000K fans only venue)
Vector Arena, Auckland March 12

Just before 9pm there was a logjam by the doors to the floor area of Vector Arena.

Everyone was determined not to miss a single chord of the four piece indie-rock band from Boston.

Like the Powerstation the night before the atmosphere was electric with anticipation.

To give you some idea of what the Powerstation was like, over a thousand people - some who had paid up to $1000 for tickets - crammed into the venue.

There was dry ice, the crowd cheered.

Joey Santiago played a note, the crowd cheered.

Kim Deal picked up a bottle of water, the crowd cheered.

Whereas the Powerstation was pared back to just the band, a smoke machine and minimal lighting rig, at Vector it was the full shebang.

Four giant paper lanterns topped a huge backdrop of moving images.

Both gigs began the same way: with Deal announcing "Some B sides" to deafening cheers from the audience as the band launched into Dancing the Manta Ray.

By the time Debaser came on a few songs later, the front of Vector was a gyrating mass.

As the band made their way through Doolittle, Frank Black flexed his impressive vocals managing to sound both raw and refined.

Each track was played to perfection and the crowd loved every second.

It was Deal who introduced most of the songs.

Midway through, she asked the crowd, "Was anybody at the Powerstation last night?"

She was greeted by silence from the audience.

'This is the same show," she added swiftly.

It might have been practically the same set, but it was not the same show.

Yes, the Powerstation had a sense of pared-back intimacy, but at Vector there was a collective feeling of being a part of something massive in every sense of the word.

After just over an hour on stage and a blistering version of Gouge Away, the lights went up and the band came to the front of the stage with massive grins fixed on their faces.

An epic version of Into the White featured in the first encore.

For their second encore the lights in Vector were brought up to reveal the sweat-drenched, ecstatic crowd.

The band finished with Gigantic that summed up the entire show.

For fans who didn't want the night to end, the Pixies granted their wish.

A special double CD set was available after the show of the entire concert - so fans could relive the night over and over.

Lady Gaga played a set a few nights later - Vector Arena had a big week!

Pixies Fans having a good time

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