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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hole Set List SXSW Festival 2010

Hole Set List SXSW Festival 2010

"Though there were a few new tunes – of which I’m having mixed feelings overall – in the mix, she deftly growled through “Doll Parts,” “Celebrity Skin,” “Malibu,” “Miss World,” “Violet” and set closer “Samantha” (wait, what? Why?). New single “Skinny Little B*tch” reared it’s ugly head early in the set, and “Letter to God” had some burning-lava potential.

But then there was the opening song, “Thirteen,” a Big Star cover Love sang with only Micko Larkin on acoustic behind her, in tribute to Alex Chilton who would have played SXSW this very night; she closed her eyes and whirled around like Stevie Nicks, another influence on her work. In fact, she sang Fleetwood Mac track “Gold Dust Woman” in aces later on. Hole covered that track for “The Crow” soundtrack. She also sang Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" (the crowd got several glimpses, too, of her Let It Bleed tattoo, on inside of her right bicep)."

Set List:

Miss World
Nobody's Daughter
Reasons to be Beautiful
Dirty Girl
Celebrity Skin

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