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Monday, 29 March 2010

The Katy Perry Slime Incident?

katy perry slimed

What did Katy Perry do at the recent 2010 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards? She got slimed. Green goey slime all over her.  Katy was copresenting with Superbad's Jonah Hill when she was the subject of the prank. 
As Russel Brand's better half moved up to the stage podium to present teen queen Miley Cyrus with the Favourite Film Actress trophy, Katy was drenched in the green gooey liquid when she opened a box.

Katy Perry then decided to chase poor Miley around the stage trying to smear the slime all over her. Fortunately for Miley, Katy’s co-presenter Jonah Hill managed to grab Katy in a giant bear hug, saving Miley from the slime sharing contest.

jonah hill and katy perry
 I think an elephant with a cold sneezed on me!

Here's a before shot for reference:

katy pretty with jonah hill

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Scott Weiland drunk at The Rave in Milwaukee

Stone Temple Pilots played last night at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI and got very mixed reviews due to Scot Weiland's behaviour...

27 March 2010

Shane kindly sent in this story of his concert experience with a fucked up drunk Scott Weiland ruining the show. As Liam Gallagher might have said, "that's Rock and Roll, Mister!"

Shane's Story:

I went to see STP at The Rave in Milwaukee on Friday night and it was an eventful show to say the least. The setlist, from what I can tell, was identical to that of Kansas City, only without "Piece of Pie." But the main story here was that Scott was completely inebriated and it led to the band walking out on him mid-song. On three straight songs... "Sex Type Thing," "Dead & Bloated," and "Lounge Fly," Scott wound up singing the completely wrong lines at the wrong time, and the band was left to try to recover. The first time, the band slowed down to a crawl and turned it into a little vocal-solo/jam scenerio  and managed to finish the song. The second time, Scott went into the wrong part of the chorus at the end of the song.

Dean was shaking his head, and Robert simply stopped playing. Scott was there, wailing away on the wrong lines as if he had no idea. Robert approached him, took out his ear piece, and said some words to him. 

They then started into "Lounge Fly," and two minutes in Scott again was way off on his timing and was singing incorrect parts, and all three of his bandmates gave up and walked off stage. Scott was left singing alone and acting completely oblivious to his surroundings. Scott then left, and it acted as an encore. A few minutes later, they came back, Scott blabbed about playing "Piece of Pie" and they instead played "Trippin'..." and the show was over.

 After the four of them stood and took a bow, everyone left except Scott, who took to the microphone and said "The cocksucker approoooooves." He left and the show was over. Trouble is certainly afoot for the 'ole Pilots. 

Here's a link to Shane's photos (taken on a phone) from the night. http://www.flickr.com/photos/18222544@N00/sets/72157623591967951/

Here's the set list as well:

Vasoline; Crackerman; Wicked Garden; Hollywood Bitch; Between the Lines; Hickory Dichotomy; Big Empty; Sour Girl; Creep; Plush; Interstate Love Song; Bagman; Huckleberry Crumble; Sex Type Thing; Dead and Bloated; Lounge Fly (Partial due to Scott's antics); Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart. 

Set List Sauce: Below Empty

Thursday, 25 March 2010

STP Set List Kansas City, MO

STP Set List Kansas City, MO

STP are kicking into the tour proper now, with a big night out at the Midland in Kansas City. STP continued to play new songs of their soon to be released album (self titled).
STP Set List:

Vasoline; Crackerman; Wicked Garden; Hollywood Bitch; Between the Lines (lyrics)Hickory Dichotomy (lyrics); Big Empty; Sour Girl; Creep; Plush; Interstate Love Song; Bagman; Huckleberry Crumble; Sex Type Thing; Dead and Bloated; Lounge Fly; Piece of Pie; Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hole Set List SXSW Festival 2010

Hole Set List SXSW Festival 2010

"Though there were a few new tunes – of which I’m having mixed feelings overall – in the mix, she deftly growled through “Doll Parts,” “Celebrity Skin,” “Malibu,” “Miss World,” “Violet” and set closer “Samantha” (wait, what? Why?). New single “Skinny Little B*tch” reared it’s ugly head early in the set, and “Letter to God” had some burning-lava potential.

But then there was the opening song, “Thirteen,” a Big Star cover Love sang with only Micko Larkin on acoustic behind her, in tribute to Alex Chilton who would have played SXSW this very night; she closed her eyes and whirled around like Stevie Nicks, another influence on her work. In fact, she sang Fleetwood Mac track “Gold Dust Woman” in aces later on. Hole covered that track for “The Crow” soundtrack. She also sang Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" (the crowd got several glimpses, too, of her Let It Bleed tattoo, on inside of her right bicep)."

Set List:

Miss World
Nobody's Daughter
Reasons to be Beautiful
Dirty Girl
Celebrity Skin

Monday, 22 March 2010

Muse SXSW 2010 Set List

It was an amusing show....

Muse SXSW 2010 Set List

"There were still laser-beams and songs delivered at arena-rock size at the outdoor amphitheater of Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, but singer-guitarist Matt Bellamy embraced all that is the ground-level nature of the annual SXSW music festival. “We’re feeling good vibes in this town right now,” he told a packed crowd." Review

Muse Set List:

“Uprising” (Riff Version)

“Supermassive Black Hole”



“Stockholm Syndrome”


“United States of Eurasia”


“Time is Running Out”

“Unnatural Selection”

Muse Set Encore

“Plug in Baby”

“Knights of Cydonia” (Harmonica Version!)

STP Thackerville, OK Set List plus LA

STP Thackerville, OK Set List plus LA

March 21 2010

STP Set list  - Thackerville, OK

Winstar Casino in Thackerville, OK: Vasoline; Crackerman; Wicked Garden; Hollywood Bitch; Between the Lines; Hickory Dichotomy; Big Empty; Sour Girl; Creep; Plush; Interstate Love Song; Bagman; Huckleberry Crumble; Sex Type Thing; Dead and Bloated; Lounge Fly; Piece of Pie; Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart"

and also the night before's set  in LA:

March 19 - Bossier City, LA

Bossier City, LA: Vasoline; Crackerman; Wicked Garden; Hollywood Bitch; Between the Lines; Hickory Dichotomy; Big Empty; Sour Girl; Creep; Plush; Interstate Love Song; Bagman; Huckleberry Crumble; Sex Type Thing; Dead and Bloated; Piece of Pie; Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart"

Source: Big Empty

STP SXSW Concert Set List 2010

Stone Temple Pilots SXSW Concert Set List

20 March 2010

According to Rolling Stone, "When STP emerged onstage at the Austin Music Hall for a special performance at South By Southwest on Thursday, they delivered like journeyman rock stars with their shit together — tight and focused, and unburdened with the bitterness or bad memories from the recent past."
For the band’s two-song encore, STP was joined by Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, introduced by Weiland as “a man who was part of the greatest rock & roll group in history”.

STP SXSW Set list:
“Wicked Garden”
Hollywood Bitch”
Between the Lines
Hickory Dichotomy
“Big Empty”
“Sour Girl”
“Interstate Love Song”
Huckleberry Crumble”
“Sex Type Thing”
“Dead and Bloated”

STP Set Encore:

“Roadhouse Blues”
“Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart”

Check out lyrics to the new STP album.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Devo Set List SXSW 2010

Devo Set List SXSW

March 2010

Devo played the following set at the South By South West Festival in Austin, Texas. Rolling Stone Magazine said of the gig, "
Devo refused to lure in the crowd with familiar fare, instead opening with a slew of brand new songs and lesser-known hits. The three new songs — “Don’t Shoot, I’m A Man,” “Fresh” and “What We Do” — hinted at what the new Devo album might sound like: heavy robo-guitars, very limited modern synths and pulsing beats that are more machine-man than man-machine; especially since drummer Josh Freese gives everything the unique heft he lends to bands like A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails."

That Josh Freese sure gets around the bands eh?

SXSW Set List:
“Don’t Shoot, I’m A Man” (new song)
“What We Do” (new song)
“Going Under”
“Fresh” (new song)
“That’s Good”
“Girl U Want”
“Whip It”
“Secret Agent Man”
“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”
“Uncontrollable Urge”
“Smart Patrol”/”Mr. DNA”
“Gates Of Steel”

Devo's Set Encore:

“Devo Corporate Anthem”
“Freedom Of Choice”
“Jocko Homo”
“Gut Feeling”
“Beautiful World”

Metallica’s South By Southwest set list

Metallica’s SXSW set list:

Austin, USA

Metallica played a “surprise” (read: completely not a surprise) concert in Stubb’s backyard last Friday night, to promote the new Guitar Hero: Metallica game at South by Southwest. Prior to the show, three winners had to play Guitar Hero while Metallica looked on, laughing someplace offstage. James then walked out and said, “Hey, thanks for letting us crash your party.”

Et voila, here’s Metallica’s South By Southwest set list:

Creeping Death
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Harvester of Sorrows
Broken, Beat and Scarred
Sad But True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Master of Puppets

Metallica's encore


Metallica's second set encore

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Man booted off train for 'Killer' set list!

A player in a covers band has spoken of his shock at being removed from a train for "behaving suspiciously" by writing a list of songs which included the band name 'The Killers'.
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Tom Shaw was travelling on a South West Trains when he began writing a list of song titles which his band The Magic Mushrooms would play at a forthcoming gig.

But the 25-year-old was approached by two security staff employed by the train company and asked to leave the train at Fareham railway station.

Mr Shaw, who works with young people with learning difficulties, said they told him he had been behaving suspiciously and asked him to explain the list he had been writing. The set list included Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand, Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis and Love Me Like You by The Magic Numbers.

Mr Shaw, of Portsmouth, Hampshire, said his band also intended to play All These Things That I've Done by The Killers but he had simply written "killers".

He told the Portsmouth News: "They made me get out at Fareham and when I asked what was wrong they told me to show them the piece of paper I'd been writing on. They said I'd been behaving suspiciously. I couldn't understand it. It seemed very strange as it was only a list of songs. We had a gig coming up so I was writing out what we could play. They made me explain song by song."

Mr Shaw added that the security staff told him that he had been questioned because there had been a number of arrests in the area including a man who had murdered his wife.

A South West Trains spokeswoman said Mr Shaw was asked politely to leave the train because it was busy and the officers wished to speak to him about their concerns.

She added: "We employ a team of highly professional rail community officers who work closely with the British Transport Police in protecting the security of passengers on the rail network. During a routine high-visibility patrol back in early March, they talked with a passenger on the platform at Fareham station. The team clarified the nature of the individual's business, were satisfied with his explanation and the man went on his way. We would like to thank the passenger for his co-operation and understanding of the need to be vigilant in the current environment."

As Bob Dylan might paraphrase, times are-a-sure have changed!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Cult, an indepth Biography

The Cult, an indepth Biography

I noticed the Cult were touring NZ in May this year and with the promo guff from the ticketing agency, included was this interest group biography. Seeing as Firewoman was the first thing my ifone played me today, I read the bio and was amused to find they were orginally a band of British origin and not American as I figured...


Following a succession of name and stylistic changes, the Cult emerged in 1984 as one of England's leading heavy metal revivalists. Picking up the pseudo-mysticism and Native American obsessions of the Doors, the guitar-orchestrations of Led Zeppelin, and the three-chord crunch of AC/DC, while adding touches of post-punk goth rock, the Cult gained a dedicated following in their native Britain with mid-'80s singles like "She Sells Sanctuary" before breaking into the American metal market in the late '80s with "Love Removal Machine." Though the group managed one Top Ten in America with 1989's Sonic Temple, the band was plagued with off-stage tensions and problems that prevented them from retaining their popularity. The Cult split in 1995 following a pair of unsuccessful records, but returned on an occasional basis for new records -- always anchored by vocalist Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy.

The origins of the Cult lie in the Southern Death Cult, a goth rock outfit formed by vocalist Ian Astbury (born May 14, 1962) in 1981. Astbury was the son of a merchant navy man, which meant he moved frequently during his youth; at one point in his childhood, his family lived in Canada, where the young Astbury became fascinated with Native Americans, which would become a recurring theme in his songwriting. Astbury eventually settled in Bradford, Yorkshire, where he met a group comprised of David Burrows (guitar), Barry Jepson (bass), and Haq Quereshi (drums). Ian joined the group as their lead vocalist (performing with the last name of "Lindsay," which was his mother's maiden name) and had the group renamed the Southern Death Cult. At only their fifth concert, the band was attracting audiences of 2,000. In December 1982, the Southern Death Cult released their first single -- the double A-side "Moya"/"Fatman" -- and the following month, they supported Bauhaus on tour. Though the group's future was looking bright, Astbury pulled the plug on the band because he was frustrated with the positive articles he was receiving in the press. The remaining three members joined Getting the Fear, which eventually became Into a Circle; in the late '80s, Quereshi became a member of Fun^Da^Mental. All of the Southern Death Cult recordings were eventually released in 1986.

Following the disbandment of the Southern Death Cult, Astbury shortened the name of the group to Death Cult and recruited guitarist Billy Duffy -- who had previously played with Morrissey in the pre-Smiths band the Nosebleeds, as well as Theatre of Hate -- and drummer Ray Mondo and bassist Jamie Stewart, who had previously played with Ritual. Death Cult released an eponymous EP in the summer of 1983; on the EP, Astbury reverted back to his given name. Later in the year, Mondo was replaced by Nigel Preston, who had previously played with Duffy in Theatre of Hate; coincidentally, Mondo became the drummer for Preston's previous band, Sex Gang Children.

In early 1984, the band shed "Death" from the title, fearing that the word gave them the misleading appearance of being a goth band. Where both Southern Death Cult and Death Cult had been overtly influenced by post-punk, the Cult was a heavy hard rock band with slight psychedelic flourishes. Dreamtime, the group's first album, was released in the fall of 1984, accompanied by a single "Spiritwalker," which reached number one in the U.K. in the spring. Dreamtime reached number 21 on the U.K. charts. In the spring of 1985, Preston left the group. For the group's summer single, "She Sells Sanctuary," the band was joined by Big Country's drummer, Mark Brzezicki. "She Sells Sanctuary" became a major U.K. hit, peaking at number 15. During the recording of the group's second album, drummer Les Warner joined the group. Love, released in the fall of 1985, continued the hard rock direction of its teaser single and became a number four hit in Britain.

For their third album, the Cult shuffled its lineup -- Stewart moved to rhythm guitar, while former Zodiac Mindwarp bassist Kid Chaos joined the lineup -- and hired Rick Rubin as producer and the result, Electric, was their hardest, heaviest record to date. The first single from the album, "Love Removal Machine," became a number 18 hit in the spring of 1987, while the album itself reached number four in the U.K. upon its April release. Later that year, Electric gained the Cult a fan base in America, and the album cracked the U.S. Top 40.

In 1988, the group fired Chaos and Warner, replacing the latter with Matt Sorum; the band failed to hire another bassist. The new lineup released Sonic Temple, which would prove to be the band's most successful album. The hit single "Fire Woman" helped propel the album into the American Top Ten, and within no time the Cult was seen hanging out with the likes of Mötley Crüe and Aerosmith, as well as supporting Metallica on the Damaged Justice tour. Though the group was experiencing its best sales, it was fraying behind the scenes, due to infighting and substance abuse. By the time they recorded their follow-up to Sonic Temple, Sorum had left to join Guns n' Roses and Stewart had quit; they were replaced by drummer Mickey Curry and bassist Charlie Drayton. The resulting album, Ceremony, was released in the fall of 1991 to weak reviews and disappointing sales.

Following the release of Ceremony, the group took a break for the next three years. In 1993, the band released the U.K.-only hits compilation Pure Cult, which debuted at number one. By summer 1993, the Cult had a new rhythm section, featuring former Mission bassist Craig Adams and drummer Scott Garrett. This lineup recorded The Cult, which was released in late 1994 to poor reviews and sales. In spring 1995, the Cult disbanded, with Ian Astbury forming the Holy Barbarians later in the year. Billy Duffy briefly played with Miles Hunt's Vent 414 before leaving to pursue a solo project. In 2000, the band's catalog was remastered and reissued, and Pure Cult was released in the U.S. (despite a similar compilation, High Octane Cult, having appeared four years earlier). It was followed by Rare Cult, a six-disc box set of rarities.

A new Cult with Matt Sorum and Martyn LeNoble joining Astbury and Duffy made their debut in June 1999 at the Tibetan Freedom Festival. This band produced the 2001 album Beyond Good and Evil before the Cult was retired again, as Astbury joined former Doors members Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzarek in the Doors of the 21st Century (later renamed Riders on the Storm). In 2007, it was announced that Astbury had left the band to rejoin Duffy in a new version of the Cult, with Chris Wyse on bass and John Tempesta on drums. They signed to Roadrunner and released Born into This later that year. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bob Dylan Song List Japan

Bob Dylan Song List Osaka, Japan

Venue: Zepp Osaka

March 13, 2010

Dylan's Song List

1. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
(Bob on keyboard, Donnie on pedal steel, Stu on acoustic guitar)
2. The Man In Me (Bob center stage on harp, Donnie on trumpet)
3. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
(Bob on guitar, Donnie on pedal steel, Stu on acoustic guitar)
4. Love Sick (Bob on keyboard, Donnie on electric mandolin)
5. Rollin' And Tumblin' (Bob on keyboard, Donnie on electric mandolin)
6. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (Bob on keyboard and harp,
Donnie on electric mandolin, Stu on acoustic guitar, Tony on standup bass)
7. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Bob on keyboard, Donnie on pedal steel)
8. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
(Bob on keyboard and harp, Donnie on lap steel)
9. Ballad Of Hollis Brown
(Bob center stage on harp, Donnie on banjo, Stu on acoustic guitar, Tony on standup bass)
10. Shelter From The Storm
(Bob on keyboard, Donnie on pedal steel, Stu on acoustic guitar)
11. Highway 61 Revisited (Bob on keyboard, Donnie on lap steel)
12. Not Dark Yet (Bob on center stage on harp, Donnie on lap steel, Stu on acoustic guitar)
13. Thunder On The Mountain
(Bob on keyboard, Donnie on lap steel, Stu on acoustic guitar)
14. Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob on center stage on harp, Donnie on lap steel)

15. Like A Rolling Stone (Bob on keyboard, Donnie on pedal steel)
16. Jolene (Bob on keyboard, Donnie on lap steel, Tony on standup bass)
17. All Along The Watchtower (Bob on keyboard, Donnie on lap steel)

The Pixies Review Auckland, New Zealand

The Pixies Review Auckland, New Zealand

The Pixies Review Auckland, New Zealand

Two Nights !

Powerstation, Auckland March 11 (Smaller 1000K fans only venue)
Vector Arena, Auckland March 12

Just before 9pm there was a logjam by the doors to the floor area of Vector Arena.

Everyone was determined not to miss a single chord of the four piece indie-rock band from Boston.

Like the Powerstation the night before the atmosphere was electric with anticipation.

To give you some idea of what the Powerstation was like, over a thousand people - some who had paid up to $1000 for tickets - crammed into the venue.

There was dry ice, the crowd cheered.

Joey Santiago played a note, the crowd cheered.

Kim Deal picked up a bottle of water, the crowd cheered.

Whereas the Powerstation was pared back to just the band, a smoke machine and minimal lighting rig, at Vector it was the full shebang.

Four giant paper lanterns topped a huge backdrop of moving images.

Both gigs began the same way: with Deal announcing "Some B sides" to deafening cheers from the audience as the band launched into Dancing the Manta Ray.

By the time Debaser came on a few songs later, the front of Vector was a gyrating mass.

As the band made their way through Doolittle, Frank Black flexed his impressive vocals managing to sound both raw and refined.

Each track was played to perfection and the crowd loved every second.

It was Deal who introduced most of the songs.

Midway through, she asked the crowd, "Was anybody at the Powerstation last night?"

She was greeted by silence from the audience.

'This is the same show," she added swiftly.

It might have been practically the same set, but it was not the same show.

Yes, the Powerstation had a sense of pared-back intimacy, but at Vector there was a collective feeling of being a part of something massive in every sense of the word.

After just over an hour on stage and a blistering version of Gouge Away, the lights went up and the band came to the front of the stage with massive grins fixed on their faces.

An epic version of Into the White featured in the first encore.

For their second encore the lights in Vector were brought up to reveal the sweat-drenched, ecstatic crowd.

The band finished with Gigantic that summed up the entire show.

For fans who didn't want the night to end, the Pixies granted their wish.

A special double CD set was available after the show of the entire concert - so fans could relive the night over and over.

Lady Gaga played a set a few nights later - Vector Arena had a big week!

Pixies Fans having a good time

Lady Gaga Auckland Concert Review NZ and Set List

Lady Gaga Auckland Concert Review and pictures

Where: Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
When: Saturday, March 13

First show of Two Nights

Review by Tracy Bond

There were plenty of sequins, sky high heels and brightly coloured wigs as Vector Arena prepared to party with the first lady of pop, Lady Gaga.

Support act Semi Precious Weapons set the tone for the evening by getting the stadium to chant Lady Gaga's name.

After lead singer Justin Tranter cartwheeled off stage the crowd continued to party on its own, chanting 'Gaga' and starting mexican waves which rippled around the sold-out arena.

Before Gaga even took to the stage at least one fan had to be carried off by security after fainting.

Ohh la la Gaga

As the main lights went down a silhouetted Lady Gaga appeared behind a massive white drop.
Vector Arena responded by erupting into a massive cheer.

Opening with Dance in the Dark fans had to wait until the next song before the curtain went up and the lady herself (and outfit number one) was revealed.

Throughout the nearly two-and-a-half hour show she made a staggering 16 costume changes going from wearing little more than a black latex bikini, to a complex animatronic angel dress.

The Monster Ball tour features elaborate sets, outrageous costumes and so much action on stage it was difficult to know where to look at times.

Hmmm BBQ

For the first few songs her troupe of scantily clad back-up dancers and singers looked like they had just stepped out of a Mad Max movie.

Wearing a sequinned body suit and high heeled boots she clambered deftly up the scaffolding to belt out   Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.

It was nice to hear her breathing hard over the microphone after each number, proving that she really was singing and not miming.

Accompanied by her disco stick for Just Dance, Gaga ordered Vector to jump, and the crowd was only too happy to comply.

When she took time out to talk to the crowd, which she did at regular intervals throughout the show, she seemed genuinely overwhelmed by the affection shown by her fans.

"It's been a long few years, and it only seems like yesterday that I was here in New Zealand with the Pussycat Dolls."

On Boys, Boys, Boys she moved down a central catwalk into the centre of Vector Arena accompanied by dancers in overstuffed cycling shorts against a backdrop of giant, multi-coloured dildos.

The sets, like Gaga's costumes, morphed constantly between songs, moving from New York cityscapes to Tim Burton-esque dreamworlds.

Eveybody on stage, from the dancers to the bare chested guitarist seemed to be having a genuine blast.

On Brown Eyes and Speechless she proved that not only does she know how to put on a spectacular stage act, she also has an impressive set of lungs and bags of talent in the piano department.

And fireballs coming out of a piano? Elton John would be proud.

But the weird and wonderful props did not end there - there was a giant chandelier which descended onto the central stage, and enabled Gaga to get changed into an elaborate animatronic dress and headpiece.
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And then for Monster, there was a fountain of blood.

Lying on stage she told the crowd "I'm like Tinkerbell, scream for me, you don't want me to die do you?"

And the crowd roarded back in response.

It was exhausting just watching her.

Just for good measure, Alejandro closed out with two of her male dancers enjoying a long kiss in the centre of the stage.

By the time she got to Bad Romance, clad in what can only be described as a spiky, metal sculpture, she looked visibly tired, spending most of the song sitting on the stage.

But the crowd was only too happy to help her along, turning Vector Arena into one massive karaoke session.

Gaga's Auckland Set List

1) Dance in the Dark
2) Just Dance
3) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
4) Vanity
5) The Fame
6) LoveGame
7) Boys Boys Boys
8) Money Honey
9) Telephone (lyrics)
10) Brown Eyes
11) Speechless
12) So Happy I Could Die
13) Monster
14) Teeth
15) Alejandro
16) Poker Face
17) Paparazzi
18) Bad Romance

Friday, 12 March 2010

Hole Set List Shepherds Bush Empire, London 2010

February 23, 2010

Hole's first gig in a decade or so... taking the stage soundtracked by Ravel's 'Bolero one review noted that" Love's vocals held it all together. She wailed and her voice broke and howled and cracked. The pneumatic lips seemed to fade in the lights of the the Empire too, leaving memories of riot grrrrl days or feminist tendencies, and the crowd was left wondering how Courtney ever landed in L.A.. "

Being the home of the Rolling Stones, Hole played a manic version of the Stones' Sympathy for the Devil.

Hole Set List:

Pretty On The Inside/Sympathy For The Devil
Skinny Little Bitch
Miss World
Letter To God
Pacific Coast Highway
Reasons To Be Beautiful
Nobody's Daughter
Celebrity Skin

Hole Encore 

Doll Parts
Northern Star
Never Go Hungry Again

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Jack Johnson's set list from Glasgtonbury Festival 2010

Jack Johnson Glastonbury Festival Set List 2010

Jack played a massive set in front of thousands of the giddy Glastonbury crowd. Pity he wasn't as good as U2's Glasto set list! Jack's set did however feature plenty of tracks from his new album To the Sea which kept the punters pretty happy.

Johnson's Glasto Set:

This is a place holder post!

Dave Matthews Band Ireland Set List 2010

Set list for Dave Matthews Band, O2, Ireland

 9th March 2010

The show saw the first Irish appearance of many songs from new album Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King as well as the Dublin debut of 'The Stone' from Before These Crowded Streets
Full review: Swear I'm Not Paul

Dave Matthews Setlist:


Stay or Leave

Funny The Way It Is


Shake Me Like A Monkey

Lying In The Hands Of God


Anyone Seen The Bridge

Too Much

Ants Marching

#27 (Arms of a Woman)


The Stone

Crash Into Me


Where Are You Going?

Why I Am

You And Me

You Might Die Trying

All Along the Watchtower

Set Encore:

Baby Blue

Corn Bread

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Slash's album is coming to an illegal torrent site soon...

Here's the official  press release that was used to announce the Slash solo album
 In what will be his first true solo album, rock icon Slash announced today his album, 'Slash', will be released in the UK on 10 May 2010 through Roadrunner Records.
The album features an all-star roster of guest musicians including Ian Astbury, Chris Cornell, Rocco DeLuca, Fergie, Dave Grohl, Myles Kennedy, Kid Rock, Lemmy Kilmister, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Duff McKagan, M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, and Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother.
A major undertaking for Slash, he enlisted services of producing partner Eric Valentine (Queens Of The Stone Age, The All-American Rejects) and compiled a rhythm section of bassist Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction) and drummer Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails). Slash handled the majority of arranging and songwriting duties and hand-picked each guest artist. The album's guests worked collaboratively with Slash to round out the song.
"The idea was really simple in the beginning," said Slash. "These are all artists I wanted to work with – that I thought it would be amazing to do something creative and collaborative. And I was so impressed with what everyone brought to the table. They were all so committed to doing a good job. And we had a lot of fun making these songs."

Classic Rock 'Fan Pack'

In the UK, 'Slash' will also see Roadrunner Records enter into a unique and innovative association with a UK media partner – the special-interest media group, Future.
In a brand new concept in record distribution the standard album release will be preceded by a 'fan pack', in which the Roadrunner Records album will be bundled together with a highly-collectable special issue of Future Publishing's Classic Rock magazine dedicated to Slash's career.
The Slash 'Fan Pack' featuring his debut solo album from Roadrunner Records, along with a 132-page Classic Rock Presents: Slash special will have a cover price of £14.99 and will be available on magazine newsstands nationwide, in over 3000 non conventional music retail outlets such as WHSmith, all supermarket chains and many independent high street newsagents.


Slash is widely considered one of the greatest rock guitar players of all time. He has received countless accolades and awards including a 2007 star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside his idols Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.
An original member of iconic rock band Guns N' Roses, Slash helped the band create signature sounds like the guitar riff of #1 hit Sweet Child O' Mine and Welcome To The Jungle. The band dominated the 1980s and '90s music scene selling more than 100 million albums worldwide and ushered in a decade of hard charging rock music.
After the band's break-up, Slash went on to critical acclaim in his personal project Slash's Snakepit, and global success with supergroup Velvet Revolver. He has been widely sought after by the biggest musicians of all time, performing with everyone from Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder to Ray Charles.
Slash is one of the marquee playable characters in Guitar Hero III, has two signature Gibson guitars in his name, and authored his own top-selling biography Slash in 2007.
Check out the lyrics of By the Sword, the first single from the album.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Two Door Cinema Club Set List Ireland

Two Door Cinema Club, Dolan's, Limerick Ireland Set List

2 February 2010

The band recently released their debut CD Tourist History.

Two Door Cinema Club Set list:

Cigarettes In The Theatre
Undercover Martyn
What You Know
Do You Want It All?
Something Good Can Work
This Is The Life
Costume Party
You're Not Stubborn
Eat That Up It's Good For You

Two Door Cinema Club Set Encore:
Come Back Home
I Can Talk

Muse New York Song List

Who: Muse New York Song List
Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA
Date: 5th March 2010

Muse are well into the Resistance Tour and pulled off a massive set at MSG.

Song List:

New Born
Map of the Problematique
Supermassive Black Hole
Guiding Light
United States Of Eurasia
Feeling Good (Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley cover)
Helsinki Jam
Undisclosed Desires
MK Ultra
Plug In Baby
Time Is Running Out
Unnatural Selection 

Muse Song List Encore:

Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture
Stockholm Syndrome
Knights of Cydonia

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