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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Radiohead Haiti Benefit Set List

Radiohead Haiti Benefit Set List

Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles

Sunday 31 January 2010

Radiohead took time out from recording new material to do a benefit gig for the people of Haiti.

"It's for charity," Tom Yorke said after a mid-show false start, and right he was. At one point he also answered a fan's bellow with a decidely British aside. "Luck yeah, as you say," he muttered, although that first word was a different word that just sounds lucky. "

At one point the crowd had a chance to alter the set list and Tom Y offered the crowd choice of  Airbag or Just and they cheered louder for Airbag.

Radiohead Haiti Set List:

Faust Arp

Fake Plastic Trees


National Anthem


Karma Police

Kid A

Morning Bell

How To Disappear Completely

Wolf at the Door

The Bends




Dollars & Cents

Exit Music (For A Film)

First Radiohead Encore:

Everything In Its Right Place

You & Whose Army?

Pyramid Song

All I Need

Second Set Encore:

Lotus Flower (new song)

Paranoid Android

Street Spirit


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