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Monday, 28 December 2009

Sebastian Bach Set List Moscow

Sebastian Bach Moscow Set List 

Mr Skid Row seems to have been touring for ever. He recently did a fair crack of Europe including Finland and Italy. Here's the set list from the final night of that tour which ended up in Moscow, Russia.

December 21st 2009

Sebastian Bach Set List:

01. Back In The Saddle
02. Slave To The Grind
03. Big Guns
04. Live The Life
05. Here I Am
06. Stuck Inside
07. Piece Of Me
08. 18 And Life
09. American Metalhead
10. Stabbin' Daggers
11. By Your Side
12. Monkey Business
13. You Don't Understand
14. (Love Is) A Bitchslap
15. Tunnel Vision
16. I Remember You
17. Youth Gone Wild

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