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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

U2 Anaheim, California Set List

U2 Anaheim, California Set List  ~ Los Angeles

Update: This gig was cancelled due to Bono's back injury. The rest below is now irrelevant.

U2 resumed their world tour after a 6 odd month break with a gig at Angel Stadium of Anaheim which is the home of the baseball team, the Angels

In Movember, 2009, The Edge was quoted in Rolling Stone Magazine as saying this leg of the tour should have "new things to show" because after the U2 youtube show, everyone had seen everything thing...

Lenny Kravitz opened the show. 

So did U2's set list deliver on this? 

Full Set List will be here post concert.

Will U2 play Every Breaking Wave this tour? I'd put money on it they won't...

Image sauce: U2 Tours

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