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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Pearl Jam Set List Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia

Pearl Jam Set List Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia

October 3 2010

The set list was notable for Pearl Jam playing some songs they have never played before, songs they haven't played in a long time with a notable inclusion to the set of "Out of Mind"

Eddie Vedder told the fans that one of them had offered a substantial charitable donation if PJ would play "Out of My Mind," which was released 15 years ago as a live B-side on the "Not for You" single which was from their third album, Vitalogy. 

Does this set a prescendent that fans can buy shows? Who cares. Pearl Jam are known for supporting various causes e.g the Benaroyal Concert.

The set also included a few new songs off Backspacer which is, I think, their best body of work since Yield.

Pearl Jam's Philly set list:

"Why Go"
"Last Exit"
"Severed Hand"
"The Fixer"
"Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town"
"You Are"
"Amongst the Waves"
"Even Flow"
"Unthought Known"
"Johnny Guitar"
"I'm Open"
"I Got Shit"
"Glorified G"
"Out Of My Mind"
"Life Wasted"

Pearl Jam Set Encore:
"Just Breathe" (Lyrics) (with string quartet)
"The End" (with string quartet)
"Low Light"
"Speed of Sound"
"Jeremy" (with string quartet)
"Inside Job"
"Bugs (with string quartet)
"Spin the Black Circle"

PJ Set List Encore 2

"Whip It"
"Got Some"
"Crown of Thorns"
"Satan's Bed"
"Sweet Lew"
"Do the Evolution"
"Better Man"
"Rockin in the Free World" (Neil Young cover that PJ love playing!)
"Yellow Ledbetter"


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