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Monday, 16 November 2009

Halo, Halo how low?

Do rock fans like computer games? They sure do! Guitar Hero and Rock Band have become huge sellers for Xbox and Playstation. These kinds of games have become the default 'going through your dad's record collection' as a means of first hearing and loving a whole bunch of new (old) music.

But what do you do after you've reached expert level on Buckethead's Jordan?

You chill out with some Halo of course! Halo fans can't get enough of the game. Recently Halo 3: ODST was released as an expansion pack of sorts to Halo 3 - but mainly it was to sate fan's until Bungie Release Halo: Reach. This game is going to be huge! Almost as big as Cortana's boobs! Here's some more boobs.

For those are interested in what Halo: Reach is all about, check out The Fall of Reach plot, who the mysterious Dr Halsey might be and whether the Master Chief will be in Reach....

For those aren't interested in Halo, go check out Beatles' Rockband!

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