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Monday, 16 November 2009

Backstreet Boys This Is Us Set List Ireland

Backstreet Boys This Is Us Set List Ireland

EverybARRDDYYY who loves rock music, stop reading now. All you Take That fans keep reading....

A reformed Backstreet Boys played a gig at Dublin's O2 Arena as part of the This Is Us tour to promote the new album of the same name.

Backstreet Boy's Set List:

1. Backstreet's Back
2. We've got it Going on
3. PDA
4. Quit playing games
5. As long as you love me
6. This is us
7. Show me the meaning
8. All I have to Give
9. She's A Dream
10.I'll never break your heart
11.The Call
12.The One
14.Shape of My Heart (video)
15.I want it that way
16 More Than That
17 Undone
18 Incomplete
19 All Of Your Life (You Need Love)
20 Larger Than Life
21 Bye Bye Love
22 Straight Through My Heart

Sauce: Swear I'm Not Paul

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