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Saturday, 17 October 2009

How Boh Runga got her set list (and guitar) back....

boh runga in a blue dress by a swimming pool

How Boh Runga got her set list (and guitar) back....

Kiwi's Boh Runga and Greg Johnson are usually based in LA, but they're back in New Zealand for an acoustic tour of some of New Zealand's most exquisite churches. Read: old and poorly lit churches. They’re performing together for the first time in ten years. The pair will tour the country, performing a combination of each other's songs. “I'm looking forward to it, I’m really looking forward to Invercargill, I want them to come out in Invercargill, it will be our last show [there], it will be a good one, so whatever happens there, it'll be a lot of fun,” says Greg.

Why they would go to Invercargill I don't know. Didn't Keith Richards call it the asshole of the world?

But there was a close call just before the tour, when Boh lost her guitar in Los Angeles - where she is now based. She jumped in a car outside Greg’s house, leaving her precious guitar behind on the pavement. D'oh!

“It's a great guitar and I’m very fond of it, it's travelled around the world with me and it sounds really good live, so I was really upset when I lost it, I couldn't believe it”. “So I'm wandering down the street putting little bits of paper, fliers on cars, going lost guitar and everything, thinking oh boy”. “Somebody found it and there was actually a set list in there that said Boh Runga's set list, and they Googled my name, I can't believe I had a set list that said Boh Runga's set list, but I couldn't believe it,” said Boh. Twitter was her lifeline that day - the person who found it sent her a tweet. Fortunately for fans, it was meant to be. Boh is reunited with her guitar and her singing mate Greg Johnson.

The pair will play a sold-out gig here at Parnell’s Holy Trinity Cathedral tonight (17th October) before continuing their spiritual journey south.

This article was sauced from here, with a few edits made by Jimmy Jangles

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C. said...

Whaddayaknow... I though you had Boh's name wrong (or that she had change he name in an artistic whim.. but Bic and Boh are sisters! You learn something new everyday.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Check her band called Stellar* - did some very popular pop tunes in NZ !

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