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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gin Wigmore - Kiwi Girl Done Good?

gin wigmore holy smoke

So like I got sent one of those concert promotional emails suggesting I go see some blondie called Gin Wigmore. As I was about to press 'delete this crap' I noticed her touring band was the Cardinals. The Cardinals who toured and recorded with Ryan Adam's I thought? It sure was. So I did a google and realised she was a Kiwi and had an apparently massive huge hit with Smashproof on their song 'Brother'.... which was number one for a recording breaking eleven weeks. Well, who listens to the Radio these days eh?

So is Gin Wigmore a lil Kiwi girl done good, with a career about to take off interstellar like? If a record company exec thought to peer her up with The Cardinals and they were game, it looks like the planets have aligned.

Check out Gin's big promo single video for Oh My - she sounds like a drunk Duffy or something but listen to the backing music - no wonder Ryan Adams concert's rocked!

And it sounds like she's doing Nu Zillan proud like. 'Oh My' made it to number 5 on the charts and like 'Brother'. Clearly I'm no longer cool. The album Holy Smoke is out now. Itune it or something aight?

So I check Ms Wigmore out on You Tube a lil more and find her song ' Under My Skin' and realised it's been played bloody everywhere in NZ, on as promo for TV advertising, on the radio, you bloody can't catch a bus without hearing it..... I just thought it was a Duffy song! My bad.

gin wigmore and the cardinals

So anyways, Gin is playing a gig with The Cardinals at the Powerstation on the 28th of November. Check out Ticketmaster for tickets.

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