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Saturday, 12 September 2009

NIN Wave Good Bye Tour Final Night Set List

Nine Inch Nails played their final show set list on their ‘Wave Goodbye’ tour at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, Californina.

Nine Inch Nails final performance before going on extended hiatus (whatever that means!) featured  appearances from  Jane’s  Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, Gary Numan, Dillinger Escape Plan, David Bowie and NIN pianist Mike Garson and producer Atticus Ross.

So could this be the last NIN set list ever? The Spaghetti Incident? Strongly doubts it. Still, we have enjoyed NIN's fairly prolific output in the last 5 odd years with much material being released, some of it for free!

September 10th 2009

NIN's Final Set List

The set-list ran as follows:
01 – Home
02 – Somewhat Damaged
03 – The Collector
04 – Discipline
05 – March Of The Pigs
06 – Something I Can Never Have
07 – The Frail
08 – The Wretched
09 – Ruiner
10 – Head Down
11 – Burn
12 – Just Like You Imagined (featuring Mike Garson)
13 – La Mer (Mike Garson)
14 – Eraser (Mike Garson)
15 – The Becoming (Mike Garson)
16 – Down In The Park (Gary Numan cover) (featuring Mike Garson and Gary Numan)

17 – Metal (Gary Numan cover) (Mike Garson and Gary Numan)
18 – I Die: You Die (Gary Numan cover) (Mike Garson and Gary Numan)
19 – 1,000,000
20 – Letting You
21 – Survivalism
22 – Suck
23 – Down In It
24 – The Hand That Feeds
25 – Head Like A Hole

Nine Inch Nails Encore:

26 – Me, I’m Not (featuring Atticus Ross)

27 – The Warning (featuring Atticus Ross and Dave Navarro)
28 – Piggy (Atticus Ross and Dave Navarro)
29 – Gave Up (featuring Dave Navarro)

30 – Mr. Self Destruct (featuring Greg Puciato and Benjamin Weinman)
31 – Wish (featuring The Dillinger Escape Plan)
32 – Atmosphere
33 – Dead Souls (Joy Division cover)
34 – The Good Soldier
35 – The Day The World Went Away
36 – Hurt
37 – In This Twilight

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