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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Metallica Marin History Museum's "Marin Rocks" Set List

Metallica's Marin History Museum's "Marin Rocks" Set List

Friday 11th September 2009

Marin residents James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, played for the first time in Marin on Friday night, a benefit for the Marin History Museum's "Marin Rocks" project. To millions around the world, James and Lars front a wee band called Metallica.

Metallica played Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium in San Rafael as a benefit for Marin History Museum's "Marin Rocks" project

Hetfield and Ulrich are the museum's biggest-name supporters to date. Marin Rocks is scheduled to open next summer in downtown San Rafael with interactive exhibits celebrating Marin's rock music heritage, displays of memorabilia, performance spaces and classrooms for educational programs and workshops.

Metallica's set-list:

'The Ecstasy of Gold (standard Metallica Ennio Morricone cover)'
'Creeping Death'
'For Whom The Bell Tolls'
'Harvester Of Sorrow'
'Fade To Black'
'Broken, Beat And Scarred'
'Sad But True'
'Master Of Puppets'
Kirk Hammet guitar solo
'Nothing Else Matters'
'Enter Sandman'

Metallica Set List Encore:

'Hit The Lights'
'Seek and Destroy' 

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jeff said...

I have a the set list from the stage that night. Framed in my office. The memory remains!

Jimmy Jangles said...

send in a copy and I'll put it up!

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