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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Rise Against Set List Lollapalooza Festival

Rise Against Set List Lollapalooza Festival

8th August 2009

The review noted "As the sun crept it’s way behind Chicago’s skyline, hometown heroes Rise Against took to the main stage at Lollapaloza to infuse a little punk into the crowds staking claim to spots for the night’s prog-rock headliner, Tool. Tim McIlrath and crew started off with a bang with new song “Collapse” before heading into a more intense “State of the Union” from their breakthrough record Siren Song of the Counter Culture."

1. Collapse (post-Amerika)

2. State of the Union

3. Reeducation (Through Labor)

4. Chamber the Cartridge

5. The Dirt Whispered

6. The Good Left Undone

7. The Audience of One

8. Blood to Bleed

9. Savior

10. Survive

11. Prayer of the Refugee

12. Dancing For Rain

13. Give It All

14. Ready to Fall

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