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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Pearl Jam London Set List with Ronnie Wood

Pearl Jam London Set List with Ronnie Wood

Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester England

17th August 2009

The review noted “Last night in London Pearl Jam broke out rarities, brand new songs and even the Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood. Playing in the legendary Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Eddie Vedder and Co. kicked off the evening with “Sometimes” from No Code before briefly visiting Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive,” which served as a segue into “Corduroy.” The band then introduced “The Fixer,” the first single from their upcoming Backspacer, to the 2,000 stoked fans packed inside the tiny venue.”

Ronnie Wood came out and played with PJ on a cover of Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”.

Pearl Jam London Set List

“Interstellar Overdrive”
“The Fixer”
“All Along The Watchtower” (with Ronnie Wood)
“Why Go”
“Severed Hand”
“Given To Fly”
“Low Light”
“Even Flow”
“Present Tense”
“Save You”
“Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”
“Do The Evolution”
“Got Some”

Set Encore:

The End” (Eddie Solo Effort)
“Inside Job”

Second Encore:

“Soldier Of Love”
“State Of Love And Trust”
“The Real Me” (The Who cover with Simon Townshend)
“Yellow Ledbetter”

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Image Credit: Matt Hobbs, sourced from Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Are they just mailing it in now or what? You've probably all heard these songs 1000's of times. Sadly they've played them in so many different combinations the past 11 years, there's really nothing left for Perl Jelly to accomplish except write new songs. And play all of them live. Yet people still come in droves. Buy a live show? You got 100s of the same performances stock played to the note from each album. Only songs like Porch and Rockin In The Free World (a cover) really differ from their studio versions.

Matt Hobbs said...

Hello - nice article. Please can you properly attribute my image - thanks!

There should be a clear link as 'Image copyright Matt Hobbs' linked to http://matthobbs.com/

The original image is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ultrahi/3812448455/

Jimmy Jangles said...

Credit given, where credit's due!

Matt Hobbs said...

Thanks {:)

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