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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nice work with the hug dodge

The UK's Observer newspaper has an article which asks the question whether U2 are the last great rock and roll idealists. I say I think they might have missed the recent juggernaut of Green Day.

The part of the article that got my attention was the 'hug dodge'..


In recent interviews, Bono has openly admitted how annoying he can be; it seems even he may have got a little tired of Bono. On their latest album, he has stepped away from the first person, shifting to writing in character. He still sings: "The right to be ridiculous is a right I hold dear", but acknowledges: "Beware of small men with big ideas."

The repositioning has sometimes been brazen. On Jonathan Ross, Bono explained how he "dodged" a hug from President Bush on stage at the National Prayer Breakfast, then sat down next to Barack Obama. "I was sitting beside Senator Obama, soon to be president, and he just said, 'Nice work with the hug dodge'.


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