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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Michael Jackson's Funeral Song List

wacko jacko michael jackson

Michael Jackson's Funeral Song List

Music royalty and plenty of fans turned up to farewell Wacko Jacko, King of Pop at the Staples Theatre, Los Angeles. Free tickets were traded on Ebay for thousands and thousands of people lined the streets to say good bye.

They say it was bigger than Princess Diana's funeral. Clearly, it was less a less classy affair as their where no people in Diana costumes at her funeral.

So really it's a 'set list' no one in the world would ever have thought of putting together until this time.

The songs that were sang in the set in Michael's honour were as follows:

Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz - I'll be there
Lionel Ritchie – Jesus is Love.
Shaheen Jafargholi – Who's Lovin You
Jennifer Hudson's - Will You Be There - video of the performance here.
Stevie Wonder - Never thought you'd you'd leave in summer
Instrumental performed by John Mayer - Human Nature
Jermain Jackson - Smile
Usher - Jackson's own Gone to Soon
Funeral Attendees lead by Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder and Australia's Orianthi Panagaris- We Are The World and Heal The World.
Photo: Micheal's children at the funeral.

mj's children at funeral


Anonymous said...

Uhm, if you're going to talk about "classy," then perhaps a command of the language of the king or queen is in order. I'm guessing that your mistakes were the result of being overcome with grief. Allow me to give you a hand:

Music royalty turned up to BID farewell to Wacko Jacko, King of Pop, at the Los Angeles Staples Center. Free tickets were sold on eBay for thousand of dollars, and thousand of people lined up the streets to say, "goodbye." It has been reported that Michael Jackson's funeral was more lavish and drew a larger number of specatators (both those attending in person and those who watched the memorial on television) than Princess Diana's 1997 funeral. Clearly, Jackson's was a less classy affair. So, really, it's a "set list" that no one in the world would have thought of organizing until this curious moment in our culture's time. The songs that were SUNG in Michael's honor were:

somnath said...

could someone tell me who was the guiterist in MJ'S funeral..??

Anonymous said...

John Mayer.

Jimmy Jangles said...

The reference to classiness was meant to covney that Diana's was the more classy affair. Those people dressed in costumes, makeup, MJ tshirts and doing moon walks do not add up to class. Neither does John Mayer.

Anonymous said...

jimmy jangles... shut up.. plz n thank you!

Anonymous said...

Loz asks:

Show some personal class and refer to the dead with a bit more respect, his name was Michael Jackson and he did a lot 4 all of us. Like him or not just show respect, it aint that hard!

Jimmy Jangles said...

Just because some one is dead, it doesn't mean you have to respect them. Particularly if they have lead a questionable life, regardless of their talents.

Any one remember what was found in MJ's room when he was originally arrested?

"Jackson's private quarters - the supposed haven for children - was groaning with pornography when police raided in November 2003.

In his bedroom - where, according to evidence, he shared a bed with the same child every night for a year - the only videos were four Barely Legal DVDs and a Hustler documentary. Copies of Barely Legal and other magazines were found in the same nightstand as a picture of and emails from his accuser, and also at the foot of Jackson's bed and in a briefcase in the room.

There was (along with booze) porn in the bathroom too: including an "art" book called The Boy: A Photographic Essay (I Googled the book title and it does indeed appear to be considered a classic amongst fanciers of child erotica - and, no, I am not linking to those sites.). There was porn in his den and in another closet.

None of the material was illegal, but that's hardly the point. What kind of person takes other people's children into such an environment? And would you let Michael Jackson sleep with your son? As one of the jury said in an intriguing press conference after the verdict: "What mother in her right mind would allow that to happen?"

Source: http://publicaddress.net/default,2237.sm#post2237

Anonymous said...

Hey JJ
Acquitted means not guilty, don't want to get into an argument but unless I see 4 myself proof positive, I don't believe. UFO's Aliens, Ghosts etc..a lot of people say this and that but I dunno??...besides do you really think that people like Liz Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Princess Di, Brooke Shields, Lisa Marie Presley and not forgetting Nelson Madella (to name a few), are going to associate themselves with someone that has a dubious character, they must have all seen something positive in him to remain true to the end. Just like the 1.6 million people who wanted to be there at the tribute. And how many $ did he donate to charity?? He has my respect even if he doesn't have yours!!

Anonymous said...

you are a stupid idiot. like it said unless I see the proff there i will not believe it...and pluss havent you heard rumors bout the enternet?????????? ppl can do anything with those pics....heck its prolly there own porn n they just saying its micheals to make ppl like you believe it! micheal you have my respect unlike SOME PEOPLE

This Stupid Idiot said...

This Stupid Idiot suggests you go look up the Court Records, which record the facts of the matter to which I refer.

Md. Redhwan Siddique SharJiL said...

People who boo at MJ, have no clue what so ever whom or what they are talking about...
MJ has proved that he is deserving of every bit of respect and honor while he was walking the earth... and as he passed away he have proved it again... other wise so many people wouldn't have felt devastated at his death news. And to he critics first you losers reach that level where MJ resided and then talk... waiting to see if your own family mourn your death, let alone the entire world, like they did when MJ passed away. LOVE MJ, my prayers and best wishes for his family, and may LORD help me in becoming like MJ. AMEEN.

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