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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Green Day 2009 Tour Seattle Concert Set List

greenday live, pink bunny on stage

Green Day 2009 Tour Seattle Set List
Green Day kicked of the tour with a show at the Key Arena, Seattle, Washington on July 3, 2009. Opening night
reviews were postive, "The always charismatic lead singer Billy Armstrong asked the audience to sing along, call back and even join him on stage. Some lucky fans got to dance on stage and sing along to Armstrong on guitar. One male fan even kissed Armstrong on the lips". Oh, that's cute...

Green Day's Set List:

21st Century Breakdown
Know Your Enemy
East Jesus Nowhere
Static Age
Before the Lobotomy
Are We Waiting
Geek Stink Breath
Hitchin’ a Ride
Brain Stew
Basket Case
King For A Day/Shout
21 Guns
American Eulogy

Greenday's Set Encore:

American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the setlist! =D

Jimmy Jangles said...

You, Anon, are welcome.

Ryan said...

Are We Waiting but no St Jimmy? Thanks for the post. This set list also seems shorter then others I've read.

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