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Sunday, 28 June 2009

This is Spinal Tap: Glastonbury Festival 2009 Set List

spinal tap glastonbury

What are those Marshalls turned up to?

Rockers Spinal Tap got the fluid flowing at the Glastonbury Festival. Their set included an unlikely performance on bass by the man of the common people, Jarvis Cocker for Big Bottom.

Spinal Tap Glastonbury set list:

'Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight'
'Back From The Dead'
'Hell Hole'
'Stinking Up The Great Outdoors'
'Short And Sweet Because It's Long And Sour'
'Gimme Some Money'
'Warmer Than Hell'
'Saucy Jack'
'The Majesty Of Rock'
'Sex Farm'
'Big Bottom'
'Heavy Duty'

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