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Friday, 22 May 2009

Guns 'N Roses Album Discography

Guns 'N Roses have released 6 studio albums. I think Lies is a bit of a cheat though as it included songs released pre Appetite.

GNR's Album Discography

1987: Appetite for Destruction

This was the big big album, one of the highest selling debuts ever.

1988: G N' R Lies

A mix of old and new songs, delivering the classic song 'Patience'.

1991: Use Your Illusion I
1991: Use Your Illusion II

These are the double album that GNR released and then toured the world for two years. The songs assured the band's place in rock history with Novemeber Rain becoming the Stairway to Heaven of the 1990's.

1993: The Spaghetti Incident?

The beginning of the end. Recorded in a time of fraught band relationships, this was the last of the near classic line up as Izzy had left the band.

2008: Chinese Democracy

Time will possibly tell that this was Axl's rebirth. A GNR album in name, this album defines Axl as a musician in his own right. Axl's refusal to indulge in promotion has meant only the die hards bought it. And loved it.

Here's GNR's Singles Discography from songs on the Billboard charts.

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