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Friday, 22 May 2009

GNR's Billboard 100 Singles Chart Positions

How many number ones has GNR had?

Guns 'N Roses have released plenty of singles over the years, these are the one's that made it onto the Billboard 100. Let's face it, no one cares if you make the Rock 100 or the Country 100, the real top of the pops is where the real recognition is!

GNR has had one number 1 hit on the Billboard charts with Sweet Child 'O Mine in 1987.

GNR's Billboard 100 Singles Chart Positions

 2008   Chinese Democracy                        34       

 1994   Since I Don t Have You                  69       

 1992   Live And Let Die                             33       

 1992   November Rain                               3         

 1992   Yesterdays                                       72                   

 1991   Don’t Cry                                          10                   

 1991   You Could Be Mine                          29       

 1989   Nightrain                                          93       

 1989   Paradise City                                   5         

 1989   Patience                                            4         

 1988   Sweet Child O Mine                        1         

 1988   Welcome To The Jungle                 7          

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