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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Scorpions France Concert Set List Montbéliard, France at L'axone

Scorpions France Concert Set List  Montbéliard, France at L'axone  

April 3rd 2009

Scorpions' set list was: 'Coming Home', 'Loving You Sunday Morning', 'Make It Real', 'Is there Anybody There?', 'Lovedrive', 'The Zoo', 'Coast To Coast', 'Pictured Life'*, 'Backstage Queen', 'Life's Like A River'*, 'Polar Nights'*, 'Robot Man'*, 'Send Me An Angel', 'Holiday', '321', 'Rhythm Of Love', 'Bad Boys Running Wild', 'Hit Between The Eyes', 'Kottak Attack', 'Alien Nation', 'Blackout', 'Big City Nights', 'Still Loving You', 'Wind Of Change', 'In Trance'*, 'Rock You Like A Hurricane', 'When The Smoke Is Going Down'. 

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