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Monday, 9 February 2009

These Comments I Love

I run a few lil lyric websites. A successful one has been the one for the new GNR album, Chinese Democracy. Boat loads of fans have stopped by to tell me the lyrics are wrong or simply who much the new song means. The This I Love page is a classic example. Check out this edited version of the 30 odd comments (actual wording unedited).

We start with ":Wow...what a crap post. The song is entitled "Prostitute", nor "This I Love", and the lyrics posted are COMPLETELY off base. Fail."

Which would be helpful if the chap was correct. After a helpful lyric correction, Tina chimed in with "This I Love" is such a touching song. Axl has made the wait worth while. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder"

Detourz replied: "Never thought I'd hear a power ballad that topped November Rain, this one does so, and by large margins. What I love most about this song is the shocking vocal ranges Axl uses. Wow. On first listen of the first few lines I didn't even think it was him."

People really appear to love this song. "This song is more than a song to me and I know that not everyone will think the same way but for me this song meant the world. Thanks Axl.". If only Axl read this page eh? I’d thank him too.

"The pain that Axl must have went through to write a song like this, I feel for you Axl. What a fantastic song!"

"This is a fantastic portrait of a feeling, great interpretation, unique vocal sound, thanks Axl, when you hear this song,you can see images passing through your mind...it's a strong sensation..."

But things go a little weird with the very literate comment of "Yeah, this IS a great song, with ubelieveable passion in it, quintessence of love in 4 minutes. If you ever been interested in Axl's biography (and to understand Guns' music you should), you would ask youself a question: who can be icon for this song? There is an answer as simple as shocking. This isn't song "for" or "about woman". This IS ode to Axl's child, that became bigger then father, that he made himself a priest of. That misterious goddess is... "Guns n'Roses" itself, for which Axl suffered so much for last 14 years."

Mysterious Goddess indeed huh? Never heard GNR described like that before.

Here’s a note by someone who misses Slash "OK people. Enough.... the whole album is no more than DECENT. And I am a musician also like the other dude who wrote here. To all those who said the 12yrs were worth waiting, my ass, stop the BS. A 12yr worth waiting album should have been an album of Apetite and Use Your Illusion combined"

Oh I get it now, only people who are musicians are capable of understanding Axl Rose and criticking This I Love. Shoot, I may as well go home.

The past never stops being the past does it? "Ok..from all songs from the album..this is the best..but no single song is better than the past albums of GnR.GUNS N ROSES were GUNS N ROSES whit Slash and Duff and the others...this is just a bad copy..GUNS N ROSES for me ended in 1996...No offence..I stil love Axl..more than any singer.."

We feel your pain dude. Things take a sentimental turn when track is laid down, "Axl axl axl he is bad labbelled person but actually is a smart and genious motherfucker…"

But then the hate returns! "Dude are you all deaf or something? This is kind of song I would expect from steelheart and other hair metal band. NOT from GNR. Geez..on top of that the crappy vocal?""

April beings a matronly calm to the whole mess with "It's called an opinion, and we're all entitled to one. The problem is when a person feels they speak for the entire fanbase...You don't."

But, dear reader, your comments do make the interwebs what it is – a lively debate on the pros cons and merits of This I Love or whether the Spaghetti Incident sucked. So bring ‘em on!

Check out more comments on the merits of GNRs new album on the pages at Chinese Democracy Lyrics GNR.

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