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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Wellington, NZ Set List

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Set List from Wellington, New Zealand

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals flew into Wellington from a couple of gigs in Australia. On landing Ryan said his arms were tired too play the set list.... ba doom doom doosh!

During the afternoon, Ryan Adams wandered into Music Works er.. music store and Chucky, who is manager there, got him to kindly sign the Easy Tiger CD. Chucky also got to meet Michelle Rodriguez last year. The Punk. 

The real celebrity gossip is who went into the shop with Ryan? Mandy Moore that's who... apparently Ryan was relaxed, looked at a bass guitar and was happy to shoot the breeze.

ryan adams concert tickets wellington nzThe Cardinals joked around a lot, making funny high pitched voices. Ryan professed his love for Wellington which he redubbed Chillington. He told the audience he got his teeth cleaned this day and then released that having given up smoking, his mouth looked like the colour of cat vomit.

He was also disappointed he would miss the cheap Laser Force video gaming hour.... when he sang without his guitar he complained he needed a jacket but made do with some shiny bracelet...

Pre concert I met the guitarist from The Valves , Marc. He had the rock thing down wearing the jacket Ryan should have been - he was was with Chucky when Adams came in the music store and asked  him if he would play Come Pick Me Up, to which Ryan intimated he had already picked the set list and it was on it... 

Here's The Cardinals Set List from the The Opera House

Recorded intro of an Aerosmith song I couldn't pick.

Let it Ride
I See Monsters ( Epic Oasis rip off of Champange Supernova)
Stars go Blue
Crossed out name
Cold Roses
Grand Island
Fix it (Wicked end solo)
Everybody Knows
Come pick me up (Ryan says "I don't agree with this song anymore, but everyone likes it")
Wonderwall (Epic like 7 or 8 minutes long, reminded me of The Verve)
Sweet Carolina
Freeway to the Canyon
Oh My God, Whatever Etc
The Rescue Blues
Mockingbird sing
Born into a Light
Easy Plateau

Encore: Crowd furiously demanded an encore, it was a pretty good effort from them.

Goodnight Rose

During Goodnight Rose Adams realised his guitar was out of tune so he tuned it while the Cardinals played on - if you were blind you would not have noticed - the Cardinals backed Adams exceptionally well.

Highlights: I See Monsters, Wonderwall, Sweet Carolina, Easy Plateau, Goodnight Rose.

I tried to twitter the set and take photos but the attendants where so Anal (worse than GNR in Auckland in 2006) - as I was being told off for the second time the lady said "Stop it, Ryan is freaky about this stuff!" - so I only got this piece of crap at the end:

ryan adams wellington the opera house

In the age of the internet, I am still amused that by the time I get home from the concert and write this post, Ryan Adams Archive already has the set list up!

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