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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Leonard Cohen Set List from Beacon Theater, New York

Leonard Cohen Set List from Beacon Theater, New York

This was Cohen's first concert set in America in 15 years. Dressed in a fine suit  Cohen jokingly quipped. "Fifteen years ago, I was 60 years old,"  "Since then I've taken a lot of Prozac, Paxil ... [and] Tylenol."

Leonard is still a very popular perfromer - so much so he is heading a night at the Coachella Festival 2009.

Here's Leonard's Set:

1. 'Dance Me to the End of Love'
2. 'The Future'
3. 'Ain't No Cure For Love'
4. 'Bird on the Wire'
5. 'Everybody Knows'
6. 'In My Secret Life'
7. 'Who By Fire'
8. 'Chelsea Hotel #2'
9. 'Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye'
10. 'Sisters of Mercy'
11. 'Anthem'
12. 'Tower of Song'
13. 'Suzanne'
14. 'The Gypsy's Wife'
15. 'The Partisan'
16. 'Boogie Street' (sung by Sharon Robinson)
17. 'Hallelujah'
18. 'I'm Your Man'
19. 'A Thousand Kisses Deep'
20. 'Take This Waltz'

Conhen's Encore Set List:

1. 'So Long, Marianne'
2. 'First We Take Manhattan'
3. 'Famous Blue Raincoat'
4. 'If It Be Your Will' 
5. 'Democracy'
6. 'I Tried to Leave You'
7. 'Wither Thou Goest'

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