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Monday, 5 January 2009

What were the most popular Concert Set Lists of 2008?

What were the most popular Concert Set Lists of 2008?

Oh Axl Rose weeps. Another best of 2008 list? Another person's opinion about the year that was? Yes Maam, we've jumped on that night train and done a quick review of some of the year’s best concert set lists.

Radiohead were a big crowd puller across America and the US, playing a different set list each night, sending the die hard fans off into boot leg frenzy. Roger Water's pulled off a fairly popular show at Coachella which will be best remembered for his crew managing to lose the giant pig that floated off to its own gig in sky.

Old Timers Metallica and R.E.M. also both put out some fairly solid material and toured strongly to big audiences. After one set, some punk stole Peter Buck's Rickenbacker guitar which eventually found its way back home.

In the true come back of the year, Oasis released Dig Out Your Soul which included some particularly strong songs and toured to adoring fans with exactly the same set list for the whole tour. Nobody seemed to mind however as everyone still wants to hear Champagne Supernova. Oasis was recognised by Weezer as being awesome when they played an interesting cover Oasis' Morning Glory? on tour – they also did Nirvana’s Sliver

trent reznor nin

Trent Reznor / NIN released a pile of free MP3's to teh interwebz which resulted in a very popular American tour - his set lists seemed to be a spot on mix of old and new material and in doing so NIN’s Pemberton Set List was the most popular set on the whole of the Spaghetti Incident.

Only The Eagles and Coldplay’s show got close to NIN’s popularity.
The most popular search terms were not surprisingly for Coldplay, NIN, The Eagles, Oasis and the reunited Stone Temple Pilots. Eddie Vedder doing his solo tours also was surprising popular. All popular artists either had new albums out or were reformed and cashing in…

Despite apparently earning the most money of anyone from her world tour, Madonna was nowhere near what the site would consider popular. Maybe this was because people who go to Madonna concerts are old, can’t programme Tivo and don’t know what the internet is.

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