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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Serj Tankian Set List Auckland Big Day Out

Lonely old Serj played at BDO - hasn't he already played there before? What's with BDO always bring the same acts? How many times have The Prodigy played? Shihad, Datsuns, Rage etc?

Serj Tankian Set List

1. The Unthinking Majority
2. Feed Us
3. Lie Lie Lie
4. Instrumental (Never Heard Before)
5. Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
6. Saving Us
7. Baby
8. Sounds Of War
Serj Tankian Live at the Big Day Out 2009 at Auckland9. Money/Money Money Money (ABBA)
10. Honking Antelope
11. Sky Is Over
12. Beethoven's Cunt (With the "As I look into your beautiful eyes" intro)
13. Empty Walls

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