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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Neil Finn and Friends 7 Worlds Collide Night Two Set List

Neil Finn and his huge global band of players turned up for another round of Seven World Collide at the Power Station, Auckland, NZ on Tuesday 6th January. The band played a slightly different set as opposed to last night’s show.

Set One: Distant Sun/Down on the Corner/Long Time Gone/White Valiant/Hazel Black/Suddenly I see/Change of Heart/Gather to the Chapel/Second Chance/Reservations/War on War/Too Blue/Please Please/Throw Your Arms

Set Two: Late Greats/Jesus etc./Wilco Track ?/Under the Wheel ?/The ties that bind us/Learning to Crawl/Bodysnatchers /Four Seaons in One Day/Black Ribbon (Runga and KT Tunstall)/Fairies (new Lisa Germano song)/Reptile (new Lisa Germano tune)/She will have her WayWeather with You

Encore: Fake Plastic Trees (KT Tunstall singing instead of Jeff Tweedy the previous show)/There is a light/Something in the Air

Sauce: Frenz

Seven Worlds Collide 2 Night 1 Set List

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Mr Chris said...

Damn it - knew I should have made an effort and gone to Auckland for one of these shows. Gah.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting these two up. I've got the setlist from the third night (although they played one extra song, Don't Dream its Over, that wasn't listed). I'll put a comment in with it once I get home tonight.

In terms of the 2nd night setlist: the third Wilco track was the same as night one - California Stars, and the next was the same as well (I'm a Wheel). The ties that Bind Us is the Phil Selway song Family Madness. Learning to Crawl was sung by Neil, and written by Ed O'Brien and Johnny Marr.

Anonymous said...

And here it is:

Set 1

Distant Sun
Down on the Corner
Long Time Gone
White Valiant
Hazel Black
Suddenly I See
Change of Heart
I'll Be Lightning (Liam Finn)
Second Chance
At Least Thats What You Said
Too Blue
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Throw Your Arms Around Me

Set 2

What Light
Jesus etc
You Never Know
Late Greats
I'm a Wheel
The Ties that Bind Us
Learning to Crawl
Four Seasons in One Day
Black Silk Ribbon
I Got You
She Will Have Her Way
Weather With You

Fake Plastic Trees
There is a Light
Don't Dream it's Over
Something in the Air

The setlist listed Reservations as the first Wilco song, and didn't state the second, but the list above is what they actually did.
The Ties that Bind Us is the Phil Selway song, listed on the first nights setlist as the Family Madness.
I Got You was sung by Neil, with Jeff taking the second verse.
Don't Dream it's Over wasn't on the setlist but was a request from Glenn (Kotche?) according to Neil. Not 100% sure that it is in the correct spot above.

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