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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Get On Your Boots has been released by U2 as the first single of their new album No Line on the Horizon.

'Get on Your Boots' is a punkd (but not Ramones punk) rocker driven by the filthiest Adam Clayton bass riff in U2 history, filled with typical Bono swagger and nonsense lyrics about gasoline and submarines.
The song lacks a decent chorus or The Fly like solo but the bass riff eventually gets matched by The Edge and the song is away, especially when Bono gets to do his ‘let me in the song‘ mantra.

get on your boots single cover image u2
Side story - once upon I time I gave a friend a burnt version of Zooropa. He later said 'thanks for the U2 b-sides album, it was pretty cool' or something to that effect. Today he sent me his one word description of Get on Your Boots, "A$$". Which is probably what a lot of fans are asking themselves right now after expecting a monster epic – this song seems an odd choice for a lead single and therefore it’s A$$.

But then Zooropa had Numb, and Popmart had Discotheque so in many ways you could actually say Get on Your Boots is a typical U2 single! In more obvious fashion Rolling Stone magazine has called it a "blazing, fuzzed-out rocker that picks up where "Vertigo" left off."

Boots is a grower. I think the more I hear that bass line and The Edge coming to the party at the end the more I'll play along.

Listen to Get On Your Boots for free on the U2 website. Do try it. Press F5 to replay it over and over like I have…

Get On Your Boots Wikipedia

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