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Monday, 5 January 2009

Breathe Lyrics U2 No Line on the Horizon

Breathe Lyrics U2

Breathe is writtten by U2 and is from the album No Line on the Horizon.

16th of June, nine-oh-five, door bell rings
Man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer
There’s a few things I need you to know

Coming from a long line of 
Traveling sales people on my mother’s side
I wasn’t gonna buy just anyone’s cockatoo
So why would I invite a complete stranger into my home
Would you

These days are better than that
These days are better than that

Every day I die again, and again I’m reborn
Every day I have to find the courage
To walk out into the street
With arms out
Got a love you can’t defeat
Neither down nor out
There’s nothing you have that I need
I can breathe
Breathe now

16th of June, Chinese stocks are going up
And I’m coming down with some new Asian virus
Ju Ju man, Ju Ju man
Doc says you’re fine, or dying
Nine-oh-nine, St. John Divine on the line, my pulse is fine
But I’m running down the road like loose electricity
While the band in my head plays a striptease

The roar that lies on the other side of silence
The forest fire that is fear so deny it

Walk out into the street
Sing your heart out
The people we meet 
Will not be drowned out
There’s nothing you have that I need
I can breathe
Breathe now
Yeah, yeah

We are people borne of sound
The songs are in our eyes
Gonna wear them like a crown 

Walk out, into the sunburst street 
Sing your heart out, sing my heart out
I’ve found grace inside a sound
I found grace, it’s all that I found
And I can breathe
Breathe now

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Jimmy Jangles said...

This is pushier at immediately, coming with a bit of attitude. Did Bono really just say he is "not somebody's cockatoo"? He definitely says "I'm running down the road like loose electricity while the band in my head plays a striptease" and it's an apt description of this land of atmosphere and aggression.

Anonymous said...

Just heard No line on the Horizon....this cd is gonna be trippy

Anonymous said...

The best song of this album!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the best song on the album.

Anonymous said...

Bono's experimentig with his lyrical phrasing all over this album; both in the verse and chorus of this tune does he display his successes and my favorite example.

Holbrook Fields said...

16 June is Bloomsday. It's the day that Ulysses by James Joyce is set, commemorating the 16 June 1904 when James met the love of his life Nora Barnacle. I reckon it must be a tip of the hat by U2 to Joyce the towering international Irish artist who had huge ambition for his work.

Josh said...


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