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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Most over rated bands of 2008 and other finkings

Most overrated must be Kings of Leon. Good but not great. So hot right
now but so was Kanye West once and everyone hates him now.

What song should have been bigger ? Anika Moa's My Old Man. That song
had major potential written all over it. Shame Anika is not Dido or it
would have been a world wide smash.

Best cover of the year goes to Jay Z for Wonderwall at Glastonbury.
Noel was still right though!

Comeback of the year: can't decide between Metallica or R.E.M. So
Oasis get it for I'm Outta Time, a genuine classic easily up there
with the best of early 90s britpop mania.

Best blog about music set lists? Not sure . . .

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