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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Blur Reunion Concert Set List Hyde Park, London

blur hyde park nme

Blur Reunion Concert Set List Hyde Park, London

The winners of The Battle of Britpop, (but not the war) Blur, reformed for a concert at Hyde Park in London on July 3rd in 2009.

Here's to the Beetlebums who closed out Glastonbury.

Here's the Blur Concert Set List:

She's So High
Girls And Boys
Tracy Jacks
There's No Other Way
Out Of Time
Trimm Trabb
Coffee And TV
Country House
Oily Water
Chemical World
Sunday Sunday
End Of A Century
To The End
This Is A Low

Encore One:

Song 2

Blur Encore 2:
Death Of A Party
For Tomorrow
The Universal

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Anonymous said...

Blur were the winners of the Battle of Britpop

Jimmy Jangles said...

Either you're winding me up or you're an idiot. I prefer the later.

Reasons why Oasis won the Battle of Britpop:

oasis had 7 no 1's blur what 2?

Oasis sold fuck load more albums, sold out more concerts with more people and did not use the term Gorillaz in any context.

Anonymous said...

The Battle of Britpop was the battle between Country House and Roll with it. Which Blur won. Follow your own link and you can read about it. Although both songs are pretty bad when you listen to them now.

Secondly, Oasis won on number 1s - but Mr Blobby has been number 1. The Spice Girls have had more number 1s than either of them. So it don't really mean a lot does it.

Blur have evolved, you wouldn't have got Out of Time on Parklife. Whereas Oasis are chugging out their Dad rock and, like Status Quo, will chug out the same music til they die. I am sure it will always have mass appeal, but it's just a bit boring isn't it. I liked Oasis and Blur back in the day - Oasis songs were particularly good for learning guitar when I was a beginner. After a couple of years I was good enough to move on to Blur songs. And that's why there is no Oasis side project, like Albarn has Gorrillaz or Coxon is solo stuff - because it would just sound like Oasis, that's all they can do.

I am seeing Blur on Thursday and Oasis in a few weeks at Wembley. I am looking forward to Blur more because they are undeniably the best entertainers - anyone can stand there and play a G chord - you don't need to see a live performance for that. Whereas Blur put more into it with a wider variety of tunes. Probably why they've had more success abroad e.g. in the States.

Anyway, as we all know, the whole battle was thought up by magazines like NME to sell more copies - they are 2 totally different bands and there is room for both. Your middle aged pot belliers need the 3 chord bland rock and the rest of us need interesting and still catchy music. So everyone's a winner.

Anonymous said...

Well said ..Blur are by far the superior band ...Oasis are a bunch of moronic 1 chord playing monotone fools !..

Blur have artistry and elegance !, sometime members of oasis will never have

Jimmy Jangles said...

Some reasonable comment above.

However if the battle of britpop is to be defined as Roll With It vs Country House, then Oasis lost the battle to Blur but won the War of Britpop when their album destroyed Blur on the charts.

The comment about Blur having more success around the world is simply wrong. Oasis by far have had more success, the American thing is arguably a toss up.

Thanks for your well reasoned comments, they are appreciated especially when compared to others!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Blur vs Oasis, everyone loves the Stones and Beatler right?

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