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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Who is Bumblefoot and why is he a guitarist in Guns N Roses?

Who is Bumblefoot and why is he a guitarist in Guns N Roses?

Bumblefoot is a nasty infection, more properly known as Ulcerative Pododermatitis, found on the feet of birds of prey and some animals. You probably know the name as being of the guitarist for Guns N Roses. 

Well who is he and who the hell does he think he is stepping in for Slash?

Bumblefoot joined Guns N' Roses in mid-2006, replacing the departed
Buckethead. He made his live debut with the band at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on May 12, 2006.
ron thal guns n roses bumble picture guitarist

In an interview with Bumblefoot,
Live Metal asked, "a lot of people might have become familiar with you by way of Guns N' Roses. How did your involvement with the band come about?"

Bumblefoot answered "It was about four years ago that we started talking. Joe
Satriani recommended me and then I got a funny email from Chris Pitman, the keyboard player, and we all just started talking. It took a minute for us to get it together but we started touring in 2006. We just started jammin' and the next thing you know we are doing it in front of people, then we are doing it in all different places, then I am laying guitar tracks on the album and then here we are in New Jersey!"

His real name is Ron Thal and he describes his
early days as:

"Yeah, so I did my time as a guitarist, and had a band with my brother on drums and neighbor on guitar/vocals. We wrote our own shit, did cover songs (Stones, Floyd, Zep, Ramones, Sex Pistols, and other 60's/70's stuff) and played schools, parties, and outdoor concerts. We'd record by positioning ourselves at different distances from a boombox at the other end of the room and record the music, then overdub vocals by playing it back and singing along while a second boombox recorded it. I got a taste of band bizz, writing a lot and making demos, making homemade band comic books as merch and tourbooks for our shows, etc... "

Bumblefoot honed his chops by getting down with Eddie Van Halen:

"Then a kid asked me if I liked
Van Halen. Who? To me it was all about Angus, Ace and Jimi. He played me the intro to "Mean Streets" off VH's "Fair Warning" album - it fucked my shit up. All this time playing guitar I had no idea just how creative you can get with it. Everything changed. Started getting into soloing and fancy shit after that. Made a point of learning Eruption note-for-note by ear, then opened up the cassette of it and flipped the tape reels, and learned it backwards. "

Now-a-days Bumblefoot is all grown up and plays in a band called Gun N Roses:

"Been a member of Guns N' Roses, touring since May 2006. Sold-out shows in 27 countries, headlining festivals with crowds of 150,000. Laid guitar tracks on the upcoming "Chinese Democracy" album. Our first official release will be a new song called "
Shackler's Revenge" on the soundtrack of the Rock Band 2 videogame in mid-September '08"
ron thal bumblefoot guns n roses picture

Q: Bumblefoot, what is your favorite classic and your favorite new GN'R song to play live?

A: Bumblefoot : Down On the Farm, Nice Boys, Don't Cry. There are a lot of new songs I'm looking forward to playing. Of the ones we've done so far, I'd say There Was A Time,
Better, and Chinese Democracy.

When touring with GNR Bumblefoot has been known to play Don't Cry as an instrumental.

Here's the youtube video of him working his six string magic.

Bumblefoot Little Known Fact:

Ron Thal once played Guns N' Roses covers in a band called Leonard Nimoy.

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