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Monday, 10 November 2008

The Who Concert Set List Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, USA

The Who Concert Set List Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, USA

This show was the last Who gig in a short tour of the USA. Here’s The Who’s Detroit Show Set.

Apparently Sister Disco was played in America for the first time in 20 odd years. Sister Disco appears to mourn the death of the disco movement, but in fact is a criticism of it. Perhaps it was ironic that the Grease soundtrack kept the album it was on from being the number one album on the US Charts.

Sister Disco features complicated synthesizer tracks that are the result of hours of guitarist Pete Townshend spent programming an ARP 2500 synthesizer.

Who Main setlist:

I Can’t Explain / The Seeker / The Relay / Fragments / Who Are You / Behind Blues Eyes / Real Good Looking Boy / Sister Disco / Baba O’Riley / Getting In Tune / Eminence Front / 5:15 / Love, Reign o’er Me / We Won’t Get Fooled Again / My Generation

Who Encore:

Pinball Wizard / Amazing Journey / Sparks / See Me, Feel Me / Tea & Theatre

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