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Monday, 3 November 2008

The Who Concert Set List Detroit - The Palace of Auburn Hills

The Who Concert Set List Detroit - The Palace of Auburn Hills

21st October, 2008

Avec Roger Daltrey in fine form, The Who launched another tour with a set list that successfully delivered the 'tried and true' greatest hits and some lesser known The Who gems...
the who live in concert picture

The Who Set List

I Can't Explain/The Seeker/Getting In Tune/Fragments/Who Are You?/Behind Blue Eyes/Tattoo/Baba O'Reilly/Relay/Sister Disco/Mike Post Theme/Eminence Front/5.15/Love Reign O'er Me/My Generation/Won't Get Fooled Again/

The Who encore:

Magic Bus/Pinball Wizard/Amazing Journey/See Me/Feel Me/Tea and Theatre

A review of the show noted "Townshend's elegiac chord changes, rising majestically, on "Listening to You" at the end of the "Tommy" segment, are a reminder of how, at their best, The Who have always been a communal experience, one that not only entertains, but elevates. "

I had to look up what ''elegiac' means too: it refers to compositions that are like elegies or to a specific poetic meter used in Classical elegies. Pete Townsend is deep!

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